Able Bodied Seaman Job Description Template

An able-bodied seaman (AB) is a crucial member of the ship's crew responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance of the vessel. They are an integral part of the navigation team, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the ship. Our Able Bodied Seaman job description template outlines the essential duties and requirements for this role, providing employers with a clear understanding of what to expect from a successful candidate.

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Able Bodied Seaman Job Description

An Able Bodied Seaman (AB) is a vital member of the ship's crew responsible for assisting with deck operations and maintaining the vessel's cleanliness and maintenance. As an AB, you will work under the supervision of the deck officers and perform various deck duties as assigned.


  • Participating in the vessel's navigation and watchkeeping duties.
  • Assisting with mooring and anchoring operations.
  • Standing lookout and assisting the officer on watch.
  • Maintaining and repairing deck equipment and machinery.
  • Cleaning and painting the vessel's exterior and maintaining its overall appearance.
  • Assisting with cargo handling and storage on board.
  • Qualifications:

  • Valid AB certificate issued by an approved organization.
  • Minimum of 2 years' experience as an AB.
  • Proficient in seamanship skills, including line handling and knot tying.
  • Strong knowledge of safety procedures and emergency response protocols.
  • Ability to work in a team and follow instructions effectively.
  • If you are a highly motivated and skilled individual with a passion for the maritime industry, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity to join our crew as an Able Bodied Seaman.


    Are you looking to hire an Able Bodied Seaman? Creating a job posting that clearly explains the requirements and responsibilities of the position is crucial to attracting qualified candidates. Here’s how to craft an effective Able Bodied Seaman job posting.

    Job Title and Summary

    The job title should accurately reflect the position you are hiring for. In the job summary, provide a brief overview of the role and its purpose. Be concise and clear, and use bullet points to make the information easily scannable.

  • Job Title: Able Bodied Seaman
  • Job Summary:
    • Maintain and operate deck equipment, including ropes, chains, and anchoring systems
    • Perform general deck duties, such as loading and unloading cargo
    • Stand watch and perform navigation tasks

    Qualifications and Requirements

    List the qualifications and requirements that candidates must meet to be considered for the position. This should include education, experience, and any required certifications or licenses.

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience as an Able Bodied Seaman
  • Certification from the US Coast Guard as an Able Seaman
  • Valid STCW certification
  • Ability to pass a drug test and background check
  • Responsibilities

    Outline the primary duties and responsibilities of the Able Bodied Seaman position. This section should give candidates a good idea of what their day-to-day job will entail.

  • Maintain vessel cleanliness and upkeep
  • Assist with loading and unloading of cargo
  • Handle lines and wires
  • Participate in drills and emergency response training
  • Perform navigational tasks
  • Skills and Attributes

    List key skills and attributes that the ideal candidate will have. This could include physical stamina, attention to detail, teamwork, and communication skills.

  • Ability to handle physically demanding work
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Willingness to work long hours and in adverse weather conditions
  • Salary and Benefits

    Include information on the salary range and any benefits that come with the role. This information can help attract qualified candidates who are seeking competitive compensation packages.

  • Salary: $30,000 to $50,000 annually DOE
  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) contribution matching
  • Paid time off
  • Conclusion

    An Able Bodied Seaman is a critical member of any seafaring crew. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your job posting attracts the right candidates for the job.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Able Bodied Seaman Job Posting

    Creating a job post is an effective way of seeking an ideal candidate for a certain job position. However, it is important to craft a well-written and specific job post to attract the right candidate. If you’re looking to create an Able Bodied Seaman job posting, below are some frequently asked questions that can guide you:

    What should I include in an Able Bodied Seaman Job Posting?

  • A brief summary of your company and the job description
  • The qualifications for the position including education, skills, and experience
  • Specific work hours, duties, and responsibilities
  • Compensation, including salary and other benefits
  • Instructions for submitting applications
  • How do I write a comprehensive job description?

    A good job description should outline the general duties and responsibilities of the position, as well as the qualifications and experience required. In addition, include any licensing or certifications that the candidate should possess. Finally, it is important to emphasize the company values and work culture that the right candidate should possess.

    What are the educational requirements for an Able Bodied Seaman?

    The educational requirements for an Able Bodied Seaman may vary by company, but generally require a high school diploma or equivalent. Some employers may prefer to hire candidates with vocational training or a degree in a related field such as maritime operations.

    What are the required skills for an Able Bodied Seaman?

    An Able Bodied Seaman must possess strong communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team, and must also be physically fit. Other important skills include the ability to operate and maintain equipment and machinery, navigate through challenging weather conditions, and perform basic first aid.

    What should I include in the application process?

  • A clear list of any required application documents (such as resumes, references or certifications)
  • A deadline for applications
  • A description of the selection process, including when and where interviews will take place
  • Contact Information for the hiring manager or point of contact
  • Creating an Able Bodied Seaman job posting can be daunting, but with these frequently asked questions, you can create a well-written and specific job posting to attract the ideal candidate for the position.

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