Art Handler Job Description Template

The Art Handler job description template is a document that outlines the responsibilities and requirements for individuals interested in working in this field. Art Handlers are responsible for the safe transportation and installation of artwork in galleries, museums, and other exhibition spaces. This job requires physical strength, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of art handling best practices. This job description template can be used by hiring managers to attract qualified candidates to their organization.

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As an art handler, you will be responsible for the safe handling, packing, transportation, and installation of artwork. This position requires a high level of attention to detail, technical expertise, and excellent communication skills.


  • Handle artwork with care to prevent damage during transfer
  • Create custom packing solutions for artwork of varying shapes and sizes
  • Transport artwork using appropriate methods and vehicles
  • Install artwork in gallery or museum settings according to specifications
  • Communicate effectively with other members of the installation team and clients


  • Experience in art handling or related field
  • Knowledge of proper handling, packing, and installation techniques for artwork
  • Familiarity with a range of art mediums and materials
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills

Physical Demands

This job requires frequent lifting, bending, and standing for extended periods of time. Art handlers must be able to lift heavy artwork and objects up to 50lbs without assistance.

How to create Art Handler job posting

Art handlers play an important role in the art world, as they are responsible for handling and moving priceless artwork. Whether you work for a museum, gallery, or private collection, finding the right art handlers is critical. Here are some tips on how to create an effective job posting for art handler positions:

1. Start with an engaging job title

The first thing that job seekers will see is your job title. Make sure it is clear and engaging. Avoid generic titles like "Art Handler" and try to make it stand out. For example, "Art Handler Extraordinaire" or "Art Moving Specialist" can be more appealing.

2. Write a compelling job description

Your job description should provide a clear and detailed overview of the position and its responsibilities. Be sure to include information on what kind of artwork the handler will be working with, whether there will be any travel involved, and if there are any special requirements (such as experience with certain types of artwork or specialized equipment). This will help to attract applicants with the right skills and background.

3. Specify the required qualifications

Be clear about what qualifications and skills are necessary for the job. This can include education, experience, training or certifications, and any special skills or abilities (such as fluency in a foreign language or experience in packing and crating artwork). This will help to attract applicants who are well-qualified for the job.

4. Include information on compensation and benefits

In order to attract talented art handlers, it is important to offer competitive compensation and benefits. Be sure to outline what compensation package you are offering, including salary, bonuses, health care benefits or other perks. This will help you to attract the right candidates and ensure that you are offering a fair package that is commensurate with their experience and qualifications.

5. Provide details on application instructions

Finally, be sure to include clear instructions on how to apply for the job. This can include information on how to submit a resume, cover letter or other supporting documents. If you have any specific requirements or preferences for how materials should be submitted, be sure to include those as well.

By following these tips, you can create an effective and engaging job posting for art handler positions that will help you attract the right candidates and build a strong team of professionals to handle your priceless works of art.

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Art Handler Job Posting

1. What should be included in an Art Handler job posting?

In an Art Handler job posting, you should include the job title, job description, duties and responsibilities, requirements, skills and qualifications, working conditions, salary range, and any benefits offered.

2. How do I write a job description for Art Handler position?

To write a job description for an Art Handler, ask for assistance from an experienced art handler to know the daily duties and responsibilities. Write concise and clear descriptions of the tasks they will perform in their role. You should include details about the works of art they will handle, move, and install, any equipment they will use, and the standards they will follow.

3. What should I include in the requirements section?

The requirements section should include the qualifications for an Art Handler position. Be sure to include any relevant education or experience, such as experience in art handling, certification from a professional organization, and knowledge of art history, as well as any physical demands of the job, such as lifting heavy objects.

4. How important is the salary range in a job posting?

The salary range is crucial in attracting the right candidates to your Art Handler position. Offering a competitive salary range can help attract experienced and qualified candidates for the job opening.

5. What else should I consider besides the job description and requirements?

When creating an Art Handler job posting, consider including information about the company culture, benefits, the hiring process, and your expectations for the position. You should also include how the job will play a crucial role in the success of the company. This will help attract quality candidates to the role.

6. Can I use images in a job posting?

Yes, you can use images in a job posting to give potential candidates a visual idea of the Art Handler role, environment, company identity or any other relevant information. Images can showcase your company culture ideal candidates appreciate and respond to.

7. How do I make sure my job posting doesn't come off as discriminatory?

Avoid discrimination by only including job-related skills and requirements in your job posting. It's illegal to discriminate based on factors such as sex, race, religion, nation of origin, age, or disabilities. You should make sure your hiring practices follow legal regulations and are consistent with your policies.


Writing an Art Handler job posting requires detail and precision to attract the best-qualified candidates. It's essential to provide accurate and clear job details, including the daily tasks, skills required, salary range and benefits offered. You can include images to showcase what the role entails and what the work a potential candidate will be handling. Avoid discrimination, by basing your job posting on the role's requirements and skills without limiting diversity, inclusion, and equity.

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