Art Teacher Job Description Template

Welcome to our Art Teacher job description template. As an art teacher, you will play a critical role in inspiring and nurturing creativity in students. You will be responsible for designing and implementing innovative lesson plans that cater to different learning styles and skill levels. This template will outline the key responsibilities and qualifications required for this role. We look forward to hearing from passionate and experienced professionals who are dedicated to creating a positive and engaging learning experience for their students.

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Job Description

As an Art Teacher, you will be responsible for developing and delivering lesson plans that teach students the fundamentals of art and creativity. Your primary objective will be to foster a love of art in your students, while also helping them develop key skills such as drawing, painting, and sculpting.


  • Create and implement engaging lesson plans that cater to multiple learning styles and abilities.
  • Instruct students in various art techniques such as drawing, painting, and sculpting.
  • Encourage creativity in students and motivate them to develop their own unique artistic styles.
  • Provide constructive feedback to students on their work and help them improve their skills.
  • Manage and maintain art supplies and equipment, and ensure that the classroom is clean and organized.
  • Collaborate with other teachers and staff to integrate art into the school curriculum.
  • Organize and participate in art exhibitions and competitions.
  • Maintain accurate records of student progress and attendance.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts or Art Education.
  • State Certification in Art Education.
  • Strong artistic skills and knowledge of art history and techniques.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work with students of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities.
  • Positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a passion for teaching art.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Experience working as an art teacher is preferred.


Art teachers are an important component of any school's creative curriculum. They are responsible for teaching students diverse art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and design. Hence, finding an experienced and skilled art teacher is worthy of your investment. A well-constructed job posting can help you attract the right fit for your institution’s requirement. However, creating an art teacher job posting might seem overwhelming if you don't have prior experience. Worry not! In this article, we will take you through the essential elements to incorporate in your art teacher job posting.

Job Requirements:

Since the role of an art teacher is critical to your school's creative education system, you need to lay out the necessary qualifications for applicants. List down the job requirements clearly to ensure you get relevant, experienced, and adequately educated applicants. Here is an example of an art teacher job requirement list:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Art Education, Fine Arts, or relevant field.
  • A valid teaching certificate.
  • Expertise in teaching a range of art forms, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and design.
  • A proven track record of developing students' creativity and talent.
  • Excellent communication skills to engage with students, teachers, and parents.
  • Experience in planning, organizing, and executing art exhibitions and projects.
  • Prior teaching experience in a school environment.

Job Responsibilities:

The job responsibilities section is critical in ensuring you attract the right candidate for the job. List out the primary responsibilities of an art teacher to help applicants understand the scope of work expected. Here is an example of an art teacher job responsibility list:

  • Develop and implement art curriculum to meet the needs of diverse students.
  • Instruct students in the fundamental skills of various art forms.
  • Engage and inspire students to explore, create, and develop their artistic skills.
  • Organize and instruct art-related activities such as exhibitions, contests, and clubs.
  • Implement art-related software to enhance students' creativity and learning experience.
  • Evaluate students' artwork and facilitate constructive feedback to enhance their learning experience.
  • Collaborate with other teachers on cross-disciplinary art projects for educational events.
  • Participate in school-related events such as parent-teacher conferences, student orientation, and open house.

Application Instructions:

Include a section on how interested applicants can apply for the role. Here are application instructions you can use:

  1. Prepare a cover letter, resume and references.
  2. Send your cover letter, resume, and references to [insert email or postal address] with the subject "Art Teacher Position."
  3. Please identify the position you are applying for in the email subject line.
  4. Applications should be addressed to [insert name of school or administrator].
  5. Application review starts immediately and will continue until the position is filled.


Creating an art teacher job posting might be daunting, but with the right elements in place, you're guaranteed to attract qualified candidates. Remember to clearly state the job requirements, responsibilities, and application instructions. With these tips, we're confident you'll create an effective job posting that will attract the right fit for your institution's need.

What should I include in a job posting for an Art Teacher?

When creating a job posting for an Art Teacher, it is important to include a detailed job description that outlines the responsibilities and requirements of the position. In addition to traditional elements such as educational requirements and experience, consider including specific skills such as knowledge of art history, proficiency in multiple mediums, and teaching experience. It is also important to describe any specific requirements related to the type of student population the teacher will be working with.

How can I attract strong candidates to apply for my Art Teacher position?

One way to attract strong candidates is to emphasize details about the school and art program. Highlight awards, programs or features that set the school apart from other schools. Also, mention the successes of the current art program, the amount of support given to the arts, the art facilities or anything specific that may be of interest to potential candidates. Be transparent about the benefits of the position such as salary and benefits.

How can I best evaluate Art Teacher job applicants?

When evaluating applicants for an Art Teacher position, consider looking at their educational background in fine arts, experience teaching at various levels, their art portfolio, or their capability to teach a variety of art subjects. A visual interview or face-to-face meeting could allow for a more personalized evaluation of how the candidate might fit within the school culture or specifically the art program. Additionally, consider asking about their philosophy on teaching art, as it can give insight into their approach and how it might align with the school’s goals.

Should I hire an experienced teacher or an entry-level teacher for this role?

The answer will vary depending on the specific needs of the school and art program. While experienced teachers may have in-depth knowledge and experiences to draw upon, they may also come with biases that may not mesh with the school's culture. Newer, inexperienced teachers may be more open and flexible to new approaches, but may also require more support and training. Consider the size of each candidate's portfolio, and seek out examples of their educational work or projects that demonstrate how they would potentially teach art with your particular focus or theme.

What types of interview questions should I ask an Art Teacher candidate?

  • What is your approach to teaching art?
  • How do you differentiate instruction in a multi-level classroom?
  • Can you describe a lesson that you taught that was particularly successful?
  • How do you integrate technology into your teaching practice?
  • What is your experience teaching the specific techniques or mediums we use in our art program?
  • How do you work to create an inclusive and supportive arts community?
  • What should I look for in an Art Teacher's portfolio?

    When evaluating an Art Teacher's portfolio, look for variety in medium as well as technique. Check whether it showcases their understanding and proficiency in traditional fine arts such as drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as other mediums such as photography, ceramics, or printmaking. Be mindful of whether there are examples of work created for a class setting, and whether there are any demonstrations of the artist's ability to teach techniques and skills effectively through the use of lesson plans or examples.

    What is important to consider when creating my job posting?

    It is important to write the job posting using clear and concise language. Make use of bullet points to break up long texts into subheadings. Include as much detail as possible about the job and the requirements of the art program. Layout a timeline and expectations for the hiring process so that your candidates know when to follow up or anticipate hearing more from you. Lastly, make it easy for applicants to apply and provide clear instructions on how to submit their application materials.

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