Bodyguard Job Description Template

Looking for a bodyguard job description template? Look no further! Our job description template is perfect for any security firm or individual seeking to hire a professional bodyguard. Whether you need a bodyguard for a high-profile client or for general security purposes, our template will provide all the necessary information on the skills, duties, and requirements needed for the position. Streamline your hiring process and ensure that you find the right person for the job with our bodyguard job description template.

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Job Overview

A bodyguard is responsible for providing close protection and security to clients including but not limited to celebrities, politicians, executives, and high-profile individuals. The bodyguard ensures the safety of the client, potential risks are minimized and that the client can move around freely without any fear.

Key Responsibilities

  • Escort the client and ensure their safety outside and around crowded areas, events and buildings
  • Provide secure transportation for the client
  • Conduct reconnaissance work prior to client appearances, identify potential risks and propose appropriate measures
  • Monitor crowds and other environment factors for potential risks
  • Remain alert and attentive at all times and be ready to take quick action as needed
  • Coordinate with other security personnel to provide seamless protection
  • Observe strict confidentiality and adherence to privacy


Education and Experience:

  • High school diploma or equivalent qualification
  • Prior experience in law enforcement or security is desirable
  • Valid driver's license with a clean driving record is required


  • Excellent observation and analytical skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Physical fitness and good health condition
  • Ability to remain calm and focused under pressure
  • Attention to detail and ability anticipate risks

Working Conditions

Bodyguards often work long hours, weekends and holidays. They may work in different environments such as airports, movie sets, or hotels, where they need to ensure that their clients remain safe from harm.

Identify the Job Title and Description

The first step in creating a Bodyguard job posting is to identify the job title and description. The job title should be clear and concise, indicating that you are looking for a Bodyguard. The job description should include the duties and responsibilities of a Bodyguard, such as protecting the client, mitigating risks, and responding to emergencies.

Include Required Qualifications

List the qualifications and skills required for a Bodyguard position. This may include having completed training in security, having a security certification, or having relevant experience. Mention any additional skills that may be required such as, excellent communication, ability to work long hours, and physical fitness.

Describe the Offered Salary and Benefits

Mention the salary range and any benefits that the company is offering for the position. This includes healthcare, retirement plans, vacation, and sick days. Highlighting the benefits will help attract qualified candidates to the posting.

Include Details about Work Schedule and Location

Specify the work schedule and location for the Bodyguard position. This includes the number of hours per week, flexibility in the schedule, and travel requirements if any. Mention if the job involves working night shifts, weekends, or holidays. Include information about the location of the job, such as the areas where the Bodyguard will need to travel to and from.

Specify How to Apply

Provide clear instructions for interested candidates on how to apply for the Bodyguard position. This includes providing an email address, phone number, or a link to your company's website where candidates can submit their application. Mention any other relevant information the candidates may need to know such as, the application deadline and any next steps in the selection process.


Creating a job posting for a Bodyguard can be a daunting task, but following the above mentioned steps can help simplify the process. Remember to provide clear and concise information to attract qualified candidates to the position. By selecting the right candidate as the Bodyguard, you can ensure the safety and security of your clients.

What should be included in a Bodyguard job posting?

A Bodyguard job posting should include a job title that clearly indicates the position. A summary that outlines the job requirements, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills needed for the position. It should also include information on salary, benefits, work location, work schedule, and any other relevant information.

What are the qualifications required for a Bodyguard position?

  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must have completed a bodyguard training course from a recognized institution.
  • Must have a valid license to carry firearms and other self-defense weapons.
  • Must be physically fit, have good eyesight, and excellent communication skills.
  • What skills should a Bodyguard possess?

  • Strong observation skills to detect any potential threats.
  • The ability to make sound decisions under pressure.
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with clients, protectees, and other security personnel.
  • Effective problem-solving skills.
  • What are the job responsibilities of a Bodyguard?

  • Ensure the safety and security of clients or protectees.
  • Conduct surveillance and risk assessments to detect any potential threats.
  • Accompany clients to public events, meetings or other places as required.
  • Take necessary measures to neutralize any threats and ensure the safety of clients.
  • What are the work hours expected for a Bodyguard?

    The Bodyguard job requires a flexible schedule, which may include working weekends, holidays, and long hours. Bodyguards should be able to work in shifts depending on the needs of the client.

    What are the salary and benefits for a Bodyguard?

    The salary and benefits for a Bodyguard depend on the employer and the location. However, typically, a Bodyguard can earn from $20,000 up to $80,000 per year, plus benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

    What are the factors to consider when creating a Bodyguard job posting?

  • The job requirements and qualifications.
  • The job responsibilities and work schedule.
  • The salary and benefits package offered.
  • The location of work.
  • The employer's brand and reputation.
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