Counselor Job Description Template

A counselor job description template is a guide for employers who are looking to hire a counselor to work in their organization. This template outlines the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required for the position. By using a job description template, employers can ensure that they are attracting qualified candidates who fit the needs of the job. The counselor job description template provides essential information that helps streamline the hiring process and ensures the success of the new employee.

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Counselor Job Description

A Counselor is responsible for providing guidance, support, and advice to individuals or groups of people who require assistance with personal, social, educational, or emotional issues. Counselors may work in a variety of settings, including schools, universities, hospitals, community organizations, and private practice.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide individual or group counseling services to clients
  • Develop and implement treatment plans based on clients’ needs and goals
  • Assist clients in identifying and overcoming personal, social, or emotional issues
  • Collaborate with other professionals or organizations to coordinate client care
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date client records and progress notes
  • Participate in professional development activities to stay current with counseling techniques and best practices
  • Ensure ethical standards are upheld in all aspects of counseling practice
  • Provide crisis intervention services as needed


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in counseling, psychology, or a related field
  • Licensure or certification as a counselor, as required by state regulations
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information appropriately
  • Experience working with diverse populations
  • Knowledge of counseling theories and techniques
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team


Creating a job posting for a counselor is an important step in finding the right candidate for your organization. The posting should be clear, concise, and attract top talent. Here are some tips on how to create an effective counselor job posting.

Job Title and Summary

Start with a clear and concise job title that accurately represents the position. A good example would be "Licensed Mental Health Counselor." Next, provide a brief summary of the job, including the primary responsibilities and required qualifications. This information should give potential candidates a glimpse of what the role entails.

  • Job Title Example: Licensed Mental Health Counselor.
  • Summary Example: The Licensed Mental Health Counselor will provide individual and group counseling to clients who are dealing with a range of mental health issues. Candidates must have a master's degree in counseling or a related field and be fully licensed to practice in the state.
  • Key Responsibilities

    Outline the key responsibilities of the counselor position in a bulleted list. This section should provide potential candidates with a clear understanding of the expected duties and tasks.

  • Provide individual counseling sessions to clients
  • Conduct group counseling sessions
  • Create treatment plans and document progress notes
  • Collaborate with other professionals to ensure comprehensive care for clients
  • Qualifications and Skills

    Detail the educational requirements, certifications, and licenses needed for the counselor position. Additionally, list any necessary skills or traits required for success in the role.

  • Master's degree in counseling or a related field
  • Full licensure as a counselor in the state
  • Experience providing counseling to individuals and groups
  • Strong communication and empathetic listening skills
  • Work Environment and Schedule

    Describe the work environment and schedule for the counselor position. Be sure to include any required travel or on-call requirements.

  • Mostly indoor office environment
  • Flexible schedule to accommodate clients
  • No travel required
  • No on-call requirements
  • Benefits and Compensation

    Provide a brief overview of the benefits and compensation package offered for the counselor position. This information can help attract top candidates.

  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience and education
  • Full healthcare coverage including medical, dental, and vision
  • 401k with matching contributions
  • Conclusion

    Creating an effective counselor job posting can help attract top talent and fill the position quickly. By following these tips, you can create a clear and concise job posting that accurately represents the role and the organization.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Counselor Job Posting

    Creating a job posting for a counselor position can be a daunting task. After all, as a company, you would be looking for individuals who can be responsible for the mental health and wellbeing of others. It becomes even more complicated when you consider the legal and ethical requirements needed by the job. Here are some frequently asked questions on creating counselor job posting:

    • What are the essential qualifications for a counselor?

      The essential qualifications for a counselor are a master's degree in counseling or a related field, a state license, and experience in counseling clients with particular issues.

    • What qualities should you look for in a counselor?

      A counselor should have excellent communication skills, empathy, compassion, the ability to work under stressful conditions, non-judgmental, and a commitment to keeping client information confidential.

    • What should you include in a counselor job description?

      A counselor job description should cover the requirements for the position, such as licensure, education, and experience. It should also provide information on the role's duties, work hours or shifts, and salary. Finally, it should detail how to apply for the position and any other necessary information.

    • What are some legal considerations in creating a counselor job posting?

      When creating a counselor job posting, it is essential to abide by equal employment opportunity laws. You can't make requirements that could amount to discrimination based on gender, race, religion, sexuality, age, or any other prohibited area. Additionally, be sure to get all necessary clearances from state licensing boards.

    • What should you avoid when creating a counselor job posting?

      Avoid making any statements that could discourage qualified people from applying, such as excluding specific candidates with a particular illness or disability. All job postings should be explicit to attract many candidates.

    By adhering to legal requirements, being clear about job expectations, and providing a comprehensive description, you will attract many qualified individuals to apply for the counselor positions you have available.

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