Economics Teacher Job Description Template

This Economics Teacher job description template outlines the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for the position. As an Economics Teacher, you will be responsible for instructing and educating students on economic theories, principles, and concepts. You will develop lesson plans, assign homework, and evaluate student performance while demonstrating expertise in various areas of economics. Ideal candidates for this role should possess strong communication skills, a passion for teaching, and a thorough understanding of economic concepts.

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Job Description:

We are seeking a qualified Economics Teacher to join our faculty. The role of the Economics Teacher will be to impart knowledge to students in the field of economics.


  • Deliver lessons on various topics in economics such as macroeconomics, microeconomics and international economics.
  • Maintain student attendance records, class schedules and grades.
  • Develop lesson plans and design course materials.
  • Evaluate students' performance through assignments, examinations and other means.
  • Provide students with guidance and support to enhance their understanding of economics.
  • Identify and address the needs of individual students to help them in their academic growth.
  • Encourage students to participate in class discussions and academic activities.


  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Economics or a relevant field.
  • Proven experience in teaching economics for students of all ages.
  • Strong knowledge of economic theories and principles.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to design courses and develop lesson plans.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and collaborate with other faculty members.


If you are looking for an economics teacher, posting a job description online is one of the best ways to reach potential candidates. A well-written job post can attract qualified candidates who are passionate about economics and can create a dynamic learning environment for students.

Job Title and Responsibilities

  • First, decide on an appropriate job title that accurately reflects the position's responsibilities. For instance, you can list the job as "Economics Teacher" or "High School Economics Instructor."
  • Next, describe the job responsibilities in detail. As an economics teacher, you will be responsible for creating lesson plans, teaching students basic economic principles, administering and grading exams, and providing feedback on student assignments. You may also be required to keep track of attendance and communicate with parents or school administrators regarding student performance.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • List the minimum qualifications required for the position, such as a Bachelor's or Master's degree in economics, education, or a related field. State any additional certifications, such as a teaching license or experience teaching economics in a high school setting.
  • Provide a list of skills and qualities expected of candidates, such as excellent oral and written communication skills, the ability to work collaboratively with other teachers, and experience creating lesson plans that cater to different learning styles.

Salary and Benefits

  • Include salary information and benefits offered. Economics teachers can earn anywhere between $40,000 and $70,000 per year, depending on education and experience.
  • Other benefits may include health insurance, retirement plans, vacation and sick days, and reimbursement for professional development expenses.

Application Process

  • Finally, provide information on the application process, including instructions for submitting a resume and cover letter, and any other relevant materials like teaching philosophy statements.
  • Your job post should provide clear instructions on the application deadline and expected start date.
  • Don't forget to include contact information for the hiring manager, so candidates can ask questions or seek clarification on details before submitting their application.


Creating a job posting for an economics teacher is a crucial part of your hiring process. Use this guide to write a detailed job description that attracts top candidates and helps you find the best fit for your education institution.

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Economics Teacher Job Posting

Posting a job ad for an Economics Teacher seems easy, but it can be equally challenging. With the aim of finding the right candidate, you need to create an appropriate job posting that provides a clear and concise explanation of what you are looking for in a candidate. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you in creating an excellent Economics Teacher job posting.

What should be included in the job title?

  • Start with the job title, and it should be self-explanatory. You can include 'Economics Teacher,' along with the grade level and other additional qualifications as required.
  • What should be mentioned in the job description?

  • The job description should be descriptive and should describe the job responsibilities in detail. It should include things like educational requirements, work experience, skills, and other relevant qualifications that are required for the position.
  • How can I make my job posting stand out?

  • Your job posting should stand out from the rest. You can make it stand out by including a section on what the candidate can expect from the institution, like growth opportunities or incentives for exemplary performance.
  • Should I mention the salary in the job posting?

  • It is not necessary to mention the salary in the job posting, but if the salary is appealing, it can attract more candidates. You can mention the salary range or the remuneration package offered.
  • How can I attract more candidates?

  • You can attract more candidates by using a catchy job title, mentioning the salary range or remuneration package, listing the benefits of working in the institution, and providing clear job responsibilities.
  • Should I mention qualifications required?

  • Yes, it is important to mention the required qualifications like education, skills, and work experience. It will help in finding the right candidate and save time in the hiring process.
  • Can I mention that the candidate will be teaching online or offline?

  • Yes, it is important to mention whether the candidate will be teaching online or offline, as it will help the candidate decide whether the job is suitable for them or not.
  • Should I mention the deadline for applying?

  • Yes, it is important to mention the deadline for applying as it helps in streamlining the hiring process, and the candidates can apply within the given timeframe.
  • How should I format my job posting?

  • The job posting should be clear, concise, and easy to read. You can divide the job description into sections and use bullet points to make it easier to read.
  • In conclusion, creating an Economics Teacher job posting requires attention to detail and clarity. By following these frequently asked questions, you can make a more effective job posting that can attract the right candidate.

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