Facilities Maintenance Job Description Template

This Facilities Maintenance job description template outlines the key duties and responsibilities of a facilities maintenance worker. This includes general maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and repairing facilities, as well as more specialized tasks related to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. It also covers requirements for education, experience, and other qualifications necessary to perform the job effectively. Use this template as a starting point when creating your own Facilities Maintenance job posting to attract qualified candidates.

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Job Summary

The Facilities Maintenance position is responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and functionality of building facilities. This includes performing routine maintenance tasks, troubleshooting issues, and coordinating with external contractors as needed.

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform routine maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, unclogging drains, and fixing leaks.
  • Troubleshoot and repair problems with building systems such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.
  • Coordinate with external contractors for repairs and maintenance outside of scope of work.
  • Maintain inventory of equipment and supplies needed for routine maintenance tasks.
  • Ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of building facilities by performing tasks such as sweeping, mopping, and sanitizing surfaces.
  • Monitor building security systems and respond to any alarms.
  • Communicate with building occupants and management regarding maintenance and repair needs.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Prior experience in facilities maintenance or related field preferred.
  • Strong knowledge of building systems such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and repair problems independently.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to multitask.
  • Ability to operate and maintain equipment needed for routine maintenance tasks.
  • Physical ability to lift and carry heavy objects and perform tasks such as climbing ladders.

This Facilities Maintenance position offers opportunities for growth and development within the organization. The ideal candidate is someone who is a self-starter and able to work independently while also collaborating with others on the team.


Facilities maintenance is an essential service within many organizations. Hiring individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced in facility maintenance is crucial for maintaining a healthy and safe working environment. A facilities maintenance job posting should accurately and comprehensively detail the duties and requirements of the position while also attracting qualified and talented candidates.

Things to consider before creating a facilities maintenance job posting

  • Job Title: The job title should accurately reflect the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • Job Description: It should be clearly written and include all necessary information about the position.
  • Education and Experience Requirements: Be sure to list all required education and experience and what the minimum requirements are.
  • Skills and Qualifications: List skills and qualifications necessary for the job.
  • Salary and Benefits: Be clear about the salary range and any benefits that are offered.
  • Location of the Job: Indicate the location of the job and if the job requires relocation or if the company is offering relocation assistance.
  • Creating a facilities maintenance job posting

    After you've considered the above factors, it's time to create the job posting itself. Begin with a simple and attention-grabbing headline that summarizes the job description. For example, “Now Hiring: Facilities Maintenance Technician.”

    Next, write a brief introduction to the position, including an overview of the job description and requirements. You can also include a brief rundown of the company culture and benefits.

    Now it’s time to delve into the details of the facilities maintenance job. You will want to discuss the job duties, specific responsibilities and projects. It is important to include what kinds of facilities the candidate will be responsible for maintaining, any equipment they will use, and any standard operating procedures they will follow. Also, make sure to include the experience required in handling said types of equipment, and what kind of maintenance experience is needed.

    Potential candidates will also want to know what is expected in terms of performance, and what should they accomplish in their first six months to a year. Give them an idea of what to expect in order for them to make an informed decision.

    Lastly, prepare a list of qualifications, skills, and experience necessary for the job. This list will help candidates determine if they are qualified, so be precise and concise about what the job demands, including top skills required and necessary years of experience.

    Closing Thoughts

    Creating a facilities maintenance job posting takes time and attention to detail, but it can pay off substantially in the long run. A well-written facilities maintenance job posting will attract qualified and talented individuals to your business and ensure a productive and safe working environment. Be sure to proofread and edit the posting before publishing it to eliminate any potential misunderstandings or problems down the road.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Facilities Maintenance Job Postings

    Creating job postings for facilities maintenance positions can be tricky. It requires a delicate balance of highlighting the necessary skills and qualifications without overwhelming potential candidates. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help simplify the process.

    What should I include in the job title?

    The job title should be descriptive and specific, so that candidates know exactly what they’re applying for. It’s best to avoid generic titles like “Maintenance Technician” because they’re too broad and can attract the wrong candidates. Instead, be more specific, such as “HVAC Maintenance Technician” or “Janitorial Supervisor”.

    What should I include in the job description?

    The job description should include a brief overview of the position, its purpose, and its responsibilities. Be specific about the required skills and qualifications, including any certifications or licenses needed. Also make sure to include information about the work environment and any physical demands of the job.

    How do I make my job posting stand out?

    To make your job posting stand out, try to highlight any unique or desirable aspects of the position or company. For example, if your facility offers flexible hours or a comprehensive benefits package, make sure to mention that in the posting.

    Should I include salary information?

    Incorporating a salary range in your job posting can help attract qualified candidates and save time for both parties. However, if you’re not able to provide a specific salary range or wage, you can state that the salary is dependent on experience and qualifications.

    What’s the best format for a job posting?

    A clear and concise job posting will attract more candidates. Use bullet points to break up the information into manageable sections and avoid large blocks of text. This makes it easier for candidates to scan the posting and identify key information.

    How long should I leave the job posting up?

    It’s best to leave the job posting up for at least two weeks to give candidates ample time to apply. However, if you’re not receiving many qualified applications, consider re-evaluating the job posting to see if changes need to be made.

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