Family Physician Job Description Template

Our Family Physician job description template is designed to help healthcare organizations and medical practices find the right family physician for their team. In this template, we've included essential job duties and requirements, including medical knowledge, patient care, communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals. Use this template to attract and hire the best family physician for your organization.

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Job Overview:

A family physician position is a healthcare profession that involves providing care and comprehensive medical services to patients of all ages. Family physicians provide patient-care in a hospital, clinic, or private practice setting. They manage acute and chronic illnesses, and offer preventative care including screenings, immunizations, and lifestyle advice.


  • Examining and treating acute and chronic injuries or illnesses.
  • Ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic tests such as blood work, X-rays, ultrasound scans, and EKGs.
  • Managing patients’ overall health and wellbeing.
  • Providing appropriate medical referrals to other specialists when necessary.
  • Monitoring patients’ health status and progress.
  • Providing health counseling and education to patients and their families on various topics like exercise, diet, and lifestyle modifications.
  • Maintaining patient medical records updated.
  • Prescribing medications and treatments.
  • Following HIPAA guidelines with medical record privacy and confidentiality.


  • MD or DO degree from an accredited medical school.
  • Successful completion of residency training in family medicine.
  • Certification from an accredited board like the American Board of Family Medicine.
  • A valid medical license issued from the state or regional medical board.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact with patients and their family members.
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Attention to detail and high level of accuracy in diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

Work Environment:


Family physicians operating in a hospital generally function within a health care team that includes specialty and subspecialty physicians. It is expected that family physicians will be supporting the medical teams within hospitals while providing direct patient care.

Clinic or Private practice

Family physicians operating in a clinic or private practice work closely with patients and their families, outlining their condition or disease, treatment goals, and developing care plans uniquely tailored to their individual health care needs.


The typical salary range of a Family Physician is $185,000 to $240,000 a year.

What is a Family Physician?

A Family Physician is a medical doctor who offers primary healthcare to individuals and families of all ages. Family Physicians are responsible for treating common medical conditions, managing chronic diseases, and providing preventive care. They also refer patients to specialists when necessary.

Job Description

A Family Physician job posting should include a clear and concise job description. Here are some key elements to include:

  • Job Title: Family Physician
  • Job Type: Full-time or Part-time
  • Job Location: Specify the location of the clinic or hospital
  • Responsibilities: Clearly define the duties and responsibilities of the role, including patient care, medical record keeping, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals
  • Qualifications: Specify the educational and work experience requirements for the position, including medical degree and licensing requirements
  • Skills and Competencies: List the core competencies needed for the role such as strong communication skills, attention to detail, ability to work under pressure and interpersonal skills
  • Salary and Benefits: Provide information on salary structure and benefits package such as health insurance, paid leave, and retirement plans


Family Physician job postings typically require a medical degree from an accredited institution and a valid medical license in the state where the job is located. Employers may also look for previous experience working in a primary care setting, as well as strong communication and problem-solving skills.

Skills and Competencies

Family Physicians must possess a variety of skills and competencies, including:

  • Excellent communication skills to clearly explain diagnoses and treatment options to patients of all ages
  • Strong analytical skills to diagnose medical conditions and develop treatment plans
  • Attention to detail to record patient medical history accurately and maintain up-to-date records
  • Ability to work under pressure to manage high patient volumes and complex cases
  • Interpersonal skills to work effectively with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals
  • Compassion and empathy to provide personalized care and develop long-term relationships with patients


If you are looking to hire a Family Physician, a well-crafted job posting is essential to attract the right talent. By providing a clear job description, qualifications, skills, and competencies, you can ensure that your job posting stands out and appeals to the best candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Family Physician Job Posting

What should be included in a family physician job posting?

A family physician job posting should include essential information such as job responsibilities, qualifications, work schedule, compensation, and benefits. It should also highlight the unique aspects of the working environment such as the size and composition of the practice, healthcare facilities available, and the surrounding community.

How do I write a compelling job description?

A compelling job description should provide a clear and concise overview of what the position entails, what qualifications are required, and what makes the opportunity unique. Use specific language and avoid buzzwords or overly formal language. Be sure to highlight any benefits or perks that set the job apart from others in the market.

What qualifications should I look for in a family physician?

Family physicians should hold a medical degree and be licensed to practice in their state. It is also important to look for physicians who have completed a residency in family medicine or related field. Other important qualifications to look for include strong communication and interpersonal skills, experience with electronic medical records and other relevant technologies, and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

How can I attract top talent to my practice?

One of the most effective ways to attract top talent to your practice is to offer competitive compensation and benefits. This includes not only salary, but also health insurance, retirement savings plans, and other benefits. It is also important to emphasize the unique aspects of your practice, such as a collaborative and supportive working environment, the opportunity to work with a diverse patient population or to contribute to research or medical education.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating a family physician job posting?

One of the most common mistakes is to use generic or overly formal language that does not convey the unique aspects of the position or practice. Another mistake is to neglect to emphasize the benefits or perks that make the job attractive to top candidates. Finally, it is important to avoid language or requirements that could be seen as discriminatory or exclusionary.

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