Garbage Truck Driver Job Description Template

A garbage truck driver is an essential role in keeping cities and towns clean and safe. They are responsible for operating a garbage truck, picking up and disposing of waste, and maintaining the truck. This job requires physical stamina, good driving skills, and the ability to work independently. In this job description template, you will find the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for a garbage truck driver.

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Job Overview

A garbage truck driver is responsible for operating a garbage truck, collecting and disposing of waste materials, and ensuring the truck is maintained properly. They must follow strict routes, schedules, and guidelines for waste disposal and recycling.

Key Responsibilities

  • Operate the garbage truck on assigned routes.
  • Collect and dispose of waste and recyclable materials according to assigned schedules and guidelines.
  • Ensure the truck is maintained properly, including performing regular inspections and reporting any issues to maintenance team.
  • Follow safety guidelines and traffic laws while driving the truck.
  • Communicate with dispatch and clients regarding any schedule changes or issues.


  • A valid commercial driver's license (CDL) is required.
  • Experience operating large vehicles is preferred.
  • Ability to follow strict schedules and guidelines.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to perform physical tasks, including lifting and maneuvering heavy bins or containers.

Working Conditions

Garbage truck drivers typically work early hours and spend a significant amount of time driving and collecting waste materials. They are exposed to unpleasant odors and hazards, including sharp or heavy objects. They may also be required to work in adverse weather conditions.


If you are looking to fill the position of a Garbage Truck Driver for your company, writing a clear and concise job posting is crucial. Your job posting should not only provide information about the job responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements but also attract qualified candidates to apply for the position.

Job Title

Start your job posting by clearly specifying the job title. In this case, it is Garbage Truck Driver. Avoid using generic job titles, make it specific to avoid confusion and attract the right candidates.

Job Responsibilities

List the key responsibilities of the Garbage Truck Driver role. This will not only help applicants understand the job requirements but also give them an idea of what a typical day in the job would look like.

  • Operate garbage trucks to collect and transport waste materials to designated facilities.
  • Perform pre-trip and post-trip checks on vehicles.
  • Ensure the garbage collection equipment is in working order.
  • Follow specific routes and pickup schedules.
  • Communicate effectively and courteously with customers and colleagues.
  • Maintain accurate records of daily pick-ups and deliveries.
  • Qualifications

    Provide a list of qualifications required for the Garbage Truck Driver position. This will help to ensure that only qualified candidates apply for the job.

  • A valid commercial driver's license.
  • Experience in driving heavy-duty vehicles is required.
  • The ability to work in all weather conditions.
  • Physically fit and capable of lifting heavy loads.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are necessary.
  • Knowledge of safety protocols and regulations is essential.
  • Company Culture and Benefits

    Include information about your company culture and the benefits enjoyed by employees. This will entice qualified candidates to apply for the position.

  • A friendly and supportive work environment.
  • Healthcare benefits including, medical, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Paid time off (PTO) for sick days, and paid holidays.
  • Training and education to enhance job skills.
  • Conclusion

    Finally, wrap up your job posting with a call to action. Encourage candidates to apply as soon as possible, and provide instructions for how to submit the application.

  • Submit a copy of your resume with a brief cover letter detailing your qualifications for the Garbage Truck Driver position to the email address provided.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Thank you for considering this opportunity with our company. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • FAQs on Creating Garbage Truck Driver Job Posting

    What information should be included in the job posting?

    The job posting should include job responsibilities, required qualifications, work experience, and necessary skills. Also, include information about the company such as the work environment, work schedule, wages, and benefits.

    What qualifications are necessary for the Garbage Truck Driver?

    The candidate should have a valid driver's license, a Commercial Driver's License, and a clean driving record. A high school diploma or equivalent is also required. Experience in operating heavy machinery is a plus.

    How should the job responsibilities be described?

    The job responsibilities should be listed in bullet format and should include tasks such as driving, operating machinery, collecting and disposing of waste, maintaining the vehicle, and adhering to safety protocols.

    What should be the tone of the job posting?

    The tone of the job posting should be professional, yet engaging. The language should be easy to understand and highlight the benefits of working for the company.

    How should the company be described?

    The company should be described as an equal opportunity employer with a positive work environment. Include information about the company's values, mission statement, and history.

    What is the ideal work experience for a Garbage Truck Driver?

    A minimum of one year of experience in operating heavy machinery is preferred. Experience in the transportation or waste management industry is a plus.

    What are the necessary skills for a Garbage Truck Driver?

    The candidate should have good communication skills, strong problem-solving ability, and the ability to perform physically demanding tasks. They should also have basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting.

    How important is including the salary and benefits?

    It is essential to include the salary and benefits in the job posting to attract suitable candidates. The salary should be competitive within the industry, and the benefits should include health insurance, retirement, and vacation time.

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