Groomer Job Description Template

The Groomer job description template outlines the essential qualifications, responsibilities, and duties of the role. A groomer is responsible for performing various grooming tasks like bathing, trimming, and styling pets, to ensure they look their best. They must have experience working with different types of animals and be skilled in various grooming techniques. This job requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as groomers need to interact with pets and their owners.

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Job Overview

A groomer is responsible for taking care of pets by offering them a range of grooming services such as brushing, bathing, and trimming their hair or fur. They also ensure that the pets are safe and comfortable while being groomed.

Key Responsibilities

  • Bathes and brushes pets.
  • Cuts and trims pet hair or fur.
  • Cleans pets’ ears, clips their nails, and brushes their teeth.
  • Dries pets’ fur after being washed.
  • Inspects pets for signs of pests or diseases.
  • Communicates with pet owners and discusses their needs and preferences.
  • Schedules appointments and maintains accurate records of pets and their grooming history.


Education and Training

  • A high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Training or certification in pet grooming is preferred.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to handle pets gently and calmly.
  • Strong communication skills to interact with pet owners and co-workers.
  • Physical stamina and ability to lift and hold pets.
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow instructions.


  • Prior experience in pet grooming or related field preferred.

A groomer is a critical part of a pet’s health and well-being. If you love animals, have experience in grooming, and can provide a comfortable environment for pets, you may be an excellent fit for a grooming position.


The job of a groomer involves taking care of pets by bathing, trimming their hair, cutting their nails, and cleaning their ears. To find the right candidate for your business, you need a job posting that attracts the right people. In this article, we will guide you on how to create a groomer job posting that attracts qualified candidates.

Title and Job Summary:

The first step to creating a job posting is to craft a title and job summary that clearly describes the role. The title should be concise and informative, such as "Groomer Wanted," "Experienced Pet Stylist," or "Dog Grooming Professional." The job summary should briefly describe the main duties and qualifications required for the position. For example, "We are seeking an experienced groomer to join our growing pet grooming salon. The ideal candidate should have experience in all breeds, great customer service and be a team player."

Key Responsibilities:

In the next section, describe the key responsibilities of the groomer. This could include tasks such as bathing, drying, trimming, and grooming dogs or cats of all sizes, cleaning and maintaining grooming tools and equipment, maintaining a clean and safe work environment and documenting pet grooming history. Be specific and include any requirements for handling difficult or aggressive pets.

Qualifications and Skills:

The qualifications and skills required for a groomer position might include a high school diploma, professional grooming certification, and prior experience working with animals. List any physical requirements such as standing for long periods, heavy lifting or bending, and ability to operate grooming tools and equipment. Be clear on any needed traits and abilities such as good communication, multitasking and excellent problem-solving ability.

Work Schedule and Pay:

In this section, specify the expected work schedule and pay rate for the position. Include whether the position is full-time or part-time, if it includes evenings, weekends, or holidays. Also, include any extra benefits or perks, for example, health benefits, discounts on pet grooming or other related products.

Application Process:

In the last section, give a clear explanation of the application process. Specify whether the candidate should send a resume, cover letter, or fill out an online application form, and provide an email address or postal address to direct applications. In some cases, it is possible to set up an interview with a hiring manager or to request samples of past grooming work.


Writing a winning groomer job posting requires careful consideration of the job description, qualifications, and work schedule. By following these steps, you can create a job posting that attracts the right candidates with the right skills and experience needed for the job.

What are the essential requirements for creating a groomer job posting?

Before creating a groomer job posting, you need to keep in mind the essential requirements, including:

  • Job title
  • Job responsibilities
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Work schedule
  • Job location
  • Salary and benefits
  • Company information and culture

How do I write an appealing job title for my groomer job posting?

When creating a job title for your groomer job posting, you need to make it simple, precise, and relevant. Here are some tips:

  • Use keywords that describe the job's essential functions, such as "dog groomer" or "pet groomer."
  • Make it clear and easy to understand, such as "Experienced Pet Groomer Wanted."
  • Avoid exaggerating words or phrases that can mislead job seekers.

What should be included in the job responsibilities section of the groomer job posting?

The job responsibilities section should provide a clear description of what the groomer will be doing on a day-to-day basis. Here are some examples:

  • Bathing, drying, and styling pets
  • Clipping nails and cleaning ears
  • Providing basic health checks and referrals
  • Maintaining equipment and work area clean and hygienic
  • Following safety and security protocols

What qualifications and experience are mandatory for a groomer job posting?

The mandatory qualifications and experience vary based on the employer's preferences and requirements. However, some common ones include:

  • Successful completion of a grooming course or apprenticeship program
  • Valid certification in pet grooming from a reputable institution
  • Experience working with various breeds, temperaments, and size of animals
  • Familiarity with grooming tools, techniques, and products
  • Excellent physical stamina and communication skills

What should I mention in the work schedule for a groomer job posting?

The work schedule should be clear and concise, considering the grooming facility's operational hours and client demands. Here are some crucial things to mention:

  • Weekly work hours and days off
  • The flexibility of the schedule, if any
  • The peak hours or seasons when grooming demands may increase
  • Availability for overtime or emergency shifts

How do I write a location for a groomer job posting?

The location section should provide the exact address of the grooming facility or salon. Additionally, you may also mention:

  • The proximity of public transport, if accessible
  • The neighborhood or town's general description
  • The demographic of the area you cater to

What should I include in the salary and benefits section for groomer job posting?

The salary and benefits section should mention the compensation package you offer for the groomer's services. This may include:

  • The hourly or fixed salary rate
  • The commission rate, if applicable
  • Health insurance, dental or vision coverage, or any other type of insurance
  • Retirement plan or 401k benefits, if available
  • Discounts on pet grooming services or retail items

How important is mentioning the company information and culture in a groomer job posting?

Mentioning the company information and culture is essential as it helps the job seekers understand your organization's values, principles, and ethics. Additionally, this allows the candidates to determine if the workplace culture aligns with their values and preferences. Some essential things to mention are:

  • A brief background of the company and its mission statement
  • Workplace environment and company culture
  • Opportunities for professional development or growth
  • The grooming facility's equipment, layout, and technology
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