High School Math Teacher Job Description Template

The High School Math Teacher job description template is designed to help schools and institutions find the right candidate for a math teaching position. This template outlines the responsibilities and requirements for the role, including teaching math courses, interacting with students and parents, and maintaining a safe and productive classroom environment. It is a useful resource for school administrators, hiring managers, and educators looking to attract highly qualified and passionate math teachers.

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To educate high school students in the field of mathematics and prepare them for higher education.


  • Develop lesson plans and instructional materials for high school mathematics courses.
  • Instruct students using lectures, discussions, and cooperative learning experiences.
  • Administer and grade tests and assignments to evaluate student progress.
  • Maintain a positive learning environment and encourage student participation.
  • Collaborate with other teachers and staff to develop educational initiatives and programs.
  • Provide academic guidance and support to students as needed.
  • Stay up to date with education and technological advancements in the field of mathematics.
  • Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in mathematics or education.
  • State teaching certification in high school mathematics.
  • Experience teaching high school mathematics courses.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work in a team and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Flexible and adaptable to changes in curriculum and educational standards.
  • Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to stand and teach for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to lift and carry materials up to 25 pounds.
  • This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change or be assigned at any time with or without notice.


    As an educational institution, hiring the right faculty is a crucial decision. When it comes to hiring high school math teachers, it's important to create a posting that clearly outlines the requirements and expectations for the position. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to create a high school math teacher job posting that will attract the best candidates.

    Job Title and Overview

    The title of the job posting should clearly state the position and the subject. For instance, "High School Math Teacher" would suffice. In the overview section, give a brief description of the school and the community in which it is located. Add a few details about the position such as whether it's full-time or part-time and the terms of the contract.

    Responsibilities and Duties

    High school math teachers have various responsibilities and duties that need to be fulfilled. In this section, outline the daily tasks that the teacher will have to undertake. For instance, creating lesson plans, grading papers, attending parent-teacher conferences, and participating in staff meetings. Be as detailed and specific as possible.


    Outline the education, qualifications, and skills required for the position. To teach high school math, a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or a related field is usually required. The candidate should also have a teaching certification, experience teaching at the high school level, and excellent communication and analytical skills. Mentioning any additional requirements such as proficiency in a second language or experience in teaching remote classes, if needed, is also advised.

    Benefits and Remuneration

    To attract the best candidates, the job posting should provide a competitive salary package and other benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and professional development opportunities. Be clear about the starting salary range and any additional incentives such as relocation assistance or bonuses.

    Application Process

    Provide instructions on how to apply for the position. Specify the documents needed such as a cover letter, resume, and professional references. List the application deadline and the name and contact information of the person or department responsible for reviewing the applications. If there is a preferred method of submission such as email, provide that information as well.


    A well-written job posting that is both informative and attractive is more likely to attract highly qualified candidates for the position of high school math teacher. The goal is to provide a detailed description of the job, requirements, benefits, and application process. A job posting that is well-written and thorough is the first step in finding the right candidate for this important role.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Creating High School Math Teacher Job Posting

    What should be included in a job posting for a High School math teacher?

    A job posting for a High School Math Teacher should include the details about the job requirements, qualifications, experience, education, and other relevant information. You should also clearly mention the responsibilities and duties of the job, as well as the benefits and compensation.

    What qualifications are required for a High School Math Teacher position?

    A High School Math Teacher should have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in math or a related subject. They should also have a teaching license or certification from an accredited institution. Apart from that, they should have experience in teaching high school students, knowledge of different teaching methods and classroom management techniques, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

    What are some key skills that High School Math Teachers should have?

    High School Math Teachers should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as excellent math skills. They should also have the ability to break down complex concepts in simple terms, and to create a positive learning environment for their students. Other important skills include excellent communication, organization, and time-management skills.

    How can you attract more qualified applicants for a High School Math Teacher position?

    You can attract more qualified applicants for a High School Math Teacher position by advertising the job in places where math teachers are likely to look, such as teaching job boards, social media groups or platforms, or even to math departments in colleges, universities or online schools. Additionally, you can attract applicants by offering competitive salary packages and benefits, professional development opportunities, or a supportive and inclusive work environment.

    What mistakes should you avoid while creating a High School Math Teacher job posting?

  • Avoid creating a job posting that is too long, as it may discourage applicants from reading it.
  • Avoid using terminology or jargon that may be confusing to potential candidates who are not familiar with the educational system.
  • Avoid being too vague or general about job requirements, duties, or qualifications.
  • Avoid excluding information about the salary and other benefits that come with the job.
  • How should you assess candidates for a High School Math Teacher position?

    Apart from reviewing the resume and cover letter of candidates, you should assess them through several rounds of interviews, including phone or video interviews and in-person interviews. In addition, you may also ask them to demonstrate their teaching skills by conducting a lesson with a class of students, or to complete a written or practical test that will evaluate their competence in different areas of math teaching. Finally, you can also check their references and ask for feedback from other teachers or administrators.

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