Hospital Social Worker Job Description Template

The Hospital Social Worker job description template is designed to attract qualified candidates who have a strong background in social work and experience in a healthcare setting. The template includes essential job duties, skills, and qualifications required for the position of Hospital Social Worker. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing emotional, social, and practical support to patients and their families while promoting the best possible health outcomes. Seize the opportunity to hire the best candidate for your hospital by using our comprehensive job description template.

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Hospital Social Worker Job Description

A hospital social worker is responsible for providing support and counseling to patients and their families during their hospital stay. They act as a liaison between patients, families, and hospital staff to ensure that patient needs are met, and they also connect patients and families with community resources and services that will provide assistance after they leave the hospital.


  • Assess patient and family needs and develop appropriate care plans
  • Provide counseling to patients and families to help them cope with illness, disability, and other challenges
  • Coordinate support services and resources for patients and families
  • Work with hospital staff to address clinical and practical needs of patients and families
  • Educate patients and families about health conditions, treatment options, and available resources
  • Provide referrals to community agencies and services as needed
  • Document all patient interactions and maintain accurate records
  • Participate in hospital committees and meetings as needed


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in social work or related field
  • Licensure or certification as a social worker
  • Experience in a healthcare setting preferred
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask and handle a high-pressure environment
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  • Empathy and compassion for patients and families

If you are a skilled social worker with a passion for helping patients and families, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding position in our hospital.


Hospital social workers play a crucial role in ensuring that patients receive the support and resources they need to navigate the healthcare system. They also work closely with medical professionals to address patients’ social, emotional, and financial needs. Finding the right candidate for this role requires a strong job posting that clearly outlines the responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations for the position.

Job Title and Overview

The job title and overview should be succinct and clear. Consider using phrases like “Hospital Social Worker,” “Medical Social Worker,” or “Clinical Social Worker” to attract job seekers with relevant experience. In the overview, briefly describe the role and responsibilities of the position.

  • Job Title: Hospital Social Worker
  • Overview: The Hospital Social Worker is responsible for providing support to patients and their families to address a variety of social, emotional, and financial concerns. This role requires an understanding of medical terminology and ongoing collaboration with medical professionals to ensure the best possible care for patients.
  • Responsibilities

    Clearly outline the main responsibilities of the Hospital Social Worker. This should give job seekers a strong understanding of the day-to-day expectations and requirements for the position.

  • Assess patients’ social, emotional, and financial needs and develop individualized care plans
  • Collaborate with medical professionals to address patients’ physical and mental health needs
  • Provide counseling and support to patients and their families
  • Refer patients to community resources and services as needed
  • Document patient interactions and progress in medical records
  • Qualifications

    It’s important to clearly outline the required and preferred qualifications for the Hospital Social Worker position. These should include both hard (e.g., degrees, certifications) and soft (e.g., interpersonal skills, communication abilities) skills.

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in social work or a related field
  • State licensure as a social worker
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in a healthcare or hospital setting
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary medical team
  • Application Process

    Include instructions on how to apply for the Hospital Social Worker position. This should include any specific application materials (e.g., resume, cover letter) and information on how and where to submit them.

  • To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to [insert email or mailing address].
  • Conclusion

    Creating a strong Hospital Social Worker job posting is crucial to attracting the right candidates for the position. By clearly outlining the job responsibilities and qualifications, medical facilities can attract job seekers with the expertise and experience needed to provide the best possible care to patients and their families.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Hospital Social Worker Job Posting

    When creating a hospital social worker job posting, it's important to ensure that the posting is clear, concise, and provides accurate information to potential candidates. Here are some frequently asked questions on creating a job posting:

    1. What should be included in a hospital social worker job posting?

  • The job title and description of the position, including responsibilities and required qualifications.
  • Information about the hospital, its mission, vision, and values.
  • Salary range, benefits, and working hours.
  • Instructions on how to apply for the position and what documents should be submitted.
  • 2. How do I know what qualifications to include in the posting?

  • Research the skills and experience needed for a hospital social worker position.
  • Consult with current social workers or supervisors for input on what qualifications are important for the role.
  • 3. Should I require a certain level of education or license for the position?

  • It's important to consult with your organization's policies and industry standards for education and licensure requirements for social workers.
  • You can also reach out to professional associations for guidance on licensure requirements.
  • 4. How do I make my job posting stand out?

  • Consider highlighting unique benefits or perks offered by the hospital, such as continuing education opportunities or a supportive work culture.
  • Showcase the hospital's commitment to helping patients and the community.
  • 5. Can I use bullet points in my job posting?

  • Yes, using bullet points or listing required qualifications can make the job posting more visually appealing and easier to read for potential candidates.
  • 6. How long should the job posting be?

  • Keep it concise, but provide enough information to ensure potential candidates fully understand the position. A few paragraphs or bullet points should be sufficient.
  • 7. Should I include a call to action in the job posting?

  • Yes, encourage potential candidates to apply and provide instructions on how to do so.
  • 8. How do I approach diversity and inclusion in my job posting?

  • Include language in the job posting that signals a commitment to diversity and inclusion, such as "We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity" or "We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply."
  • Make sure the qualifications and responsibilities listed in the posting are not discriminatory towards people of certain races, genders, or backgrounds.
  • Crafting an effective job posting is essential to attracting the best candidates for your hospital social worker position. Keep in mind the information that should be included, and be sure to highlight the benefits of working for your organization.

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