Infusion Nurse Job Description Template

The Infusion Nurse job description template outlines the responsibilities and qualifications necessary for a nurse to administer intravenous medications and fluids to patients. This role requires specialized training and knowledge of infusion therapy, including management of intravenous lines, assessment of patient responses, and maintenance of accurate records. The Infusion Nurse is a critical member of the healthcare team, responsible for providing exceptional patient care and ensuring the safe and effective administration of medication.

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Job Summary:

Our healthcare facility is seeking an experienced and compassionate Infusion Nurse to provide our patients with safe and effective intravenous medication administration. As an Infusion Nurse, you will be responsible for administering medication, monitoring patients during treatment, and educating patients and their families about the treatment process.


  • Administer intravenous medications and fluids to patients
  • Monitor patients for adverse reactions during treatment
  • Assess and document patients' vital signs and fluid intake/output
  • Provide education to patients and families about their treatment plan and medication
  • Clean and maintain equipment used for infusion therapy
  • Accurately document all aspects of patient care in medical records
  • Collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to develop and adjust treatment plans


  • Active nursing license
  • Minimum of one year of experience in infusion therapy
  • Demonstrated ability to accurately assess and document patient care
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Current certification in basic life support (BLS)

Working Conditions:

Infusion Nurses typically work in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. The work environment involves frequent patient interaction and exposure to blood and other bodily fluids. The workload can be demanding, requiring attention to detail and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.


Infusion nurses play a critical role in the healthcare industry. They help patients receive medications and fluids through intravenous methods. If you are searching for an infusion nurse for your healthcare facility, it's essential to create an informative and attractive job posting. A well-written job ad will attract qualified candidates and speed up the hiring process. Here are tips on how to create an infusion nurse job posting that stands out.

Job Title and Overview

Begin by crafting a catchy and informative job title. Avoid generic titles like 'Infusion Nurse Needed' or 'RN Position.' A good title should describe the position and catch the attention of potential candidates. Consider titles like 'Experienced IV Infusion Nurse' or 'Pediatric Infusion Nurse.' Next, provide a brief overview that describes the primary duties and responsibilities of the job. This section should provide a glimpse of what the potential candidate can expect from the position.

Required Qualifications

One of the most critical sections of any job posting is the required qualifications. In the case of an infusion nurse, it's essential to list the skills, education, certifications, and licenses required to excel in the job. Be specific about the level of education required, the type of nursing experience needed, and any specialized training or certifications. For example, if you need a nurse who is proficient with inserting central lines or accessing ports, list it as a must-have qualification.

Job Responsibilities

Provide a detailed list of the primary job functions that the infusion nurse will be responsible for. This section should describe specific tasks and responsibilities that the nurse will perform daily, including medication administration, dosing, monitoring of infusion rates, and patient assessments. Additionally, list any equipment or supplies they will need to have experience working with, such as infusion pumps or sterile gear. The more specific you are in this section, the more likely you are to attract qualified candidates.

Working Environment

It's crucial to describe the working environment in which the infusion nurse will operate. This section should describe things like the type of facility, the patient population, and the equipment they will be working with. Provide a clear picture of the working environment to help potential candidates know if they will fit in and be comfortable in this kind of setting.

Benefits and Salary

Be transparent about the salary range you are offering for the position. This information will attract qualified candidates who know their worth and expect to be compensated adequately. Also, list any benefits associated with the job, such as healthcare, retirement benefits, paid time off, and continuing education opportunities. These added perks can sweeten the deal and make your job posting stand out from others.


Creating an infusion nurse job posting requires detail, specificity, and clarity. The more informative and transparent you are, the more likely you are to find the perfect candidate for your facility. Keep the above tips in mind when crafting your job posting, and be clear about what you expect from the potential infusion nurse. With a well-written job posting and a little patience, you will find the right infusion nurse to complement your healthcare team.

What is an infusion nurse?

An infusion nurse is a qualified and licensed nurse who specializes in administering medication and fluids to patients through intravenous methods, such as a needle, catheter or port. They work closely with patients who require regular medication doses or need to receive treatments, such as chemotherapy or dialysis.

What should I include in my job posting for an infusion nurse?

  • The job title and brief description of the role, outlining the primary responsibilities of the infusion nurse.
  • The minimum education and experience requirements for the position. This should include any relevant qualifications and certificates, as well as specific nursing experience such as infusion therapy or oncology nursing.
  • The type of work environment the infusion nurse will be working in, such as a hospital, clinic or home health care agency.
  • Details on the working hours, including whether the position is full-time, part-time or per-diem. Information on whether there is a rotation or flexible schedule should also be included.
  • Salary range offered for the position, along with any benefits offered.
  • Information on how to apply for the position, including what materials should be submitted and the deadline for submissions.
  • What qualifications and experience should an infusion nurse have?

    An infusion nurse should have a nursing degree and be licensed to practice in their state. They typically also require additional training and certifications to administer medications and fluids through intravenous methods. Relevant certifications may include a Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) credential or Oncology Nursing Certification (OCN).

    What type of environment will an infusion nurse be working in?

    The environment an infusion nurse works in can vary greatly depending on the employer they are working for. Some commonly found work environments for infusion nurses include hospitals, clinics, home healthcare agencies, and skilled nursing facilities. The work environment offered by the employer should be clearly defined in the job posting.

    What are the typical working hours for an infusion nurse?

    The hours and schedule an infusion nurse works can vary depending on the employer they work for. Some positions may require working overnight, weekends or holidays. It is important to outline the typical schedule in the job posting so that potential applicants understand what the position demands.

    What is the salary range for an infusion nurse?

    The salary range for an infusion nurse can vary depending on their education, certification, and experience, as well as the employer they work for. Factors such as geography and cost of living can also impact the salary range for an infusion nurse. The salary range should be included in the job posting to anticipate the candidate's expectations.

    What materials should be submitted for an application?

    The materials required for an application can vary depending on the employer. Some may require the potential applicant to submit a resume, cover letter and relevant certifications, while others may require you to complete an online application. As an employer, it is important to outline what materials you require in the job posting so that the potential applicant can provide the information necessary.

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