Law Professor Job Description Template

This Law Professor job description template is designed for universities and colleges seeking to hire experienced and knowledgeable law professors. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of legal theories and practices, as well as extensive experience teaching law courses. The Law Professor will be responsible for developing and delivering lectures, leading class discussions, conducting research, and mentoring students. This template can be customized to suit the specific needs of your institution.

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Job Summary

A Law Professor is responsible for teaching law courses and conducting research in various fields of law. They should possess expertise in legal history, theory, and application, and have strong analytical and communication skills. They should also have a deep understanding of current legal issues, policies and regulations, and legislative or judicial processes.

Key Responsibilities

  • Teach undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level law courses based on the curriculum, including syllabus design, lecture delivery, and examination grading.
  • Conduct research in their field of law, and publish research papers, journals, books or articles.
  • Supervise and mentor law students, assisting them in developing their skills in legal research, writing and argumentation.
  • Participate in academic duties such as attending faculty meetings, working with other faculty members to promote research, and participating in university initiatives.
  • Engage in public service activities such as providing legal counsel to disadvantaged groups or organizations, and contributing to legal or policy reform discussions.
  • Stay informed about legal developments and trends, and incorporate them into course materials and research projects.


  • A Doctorate in law or a related field from an accredited institution is required.
  • A minimum of five years' experience in teaching, legal practice or research is desired.
  • Excellent writing and oral communication skills, with the ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts to students, peers, and the public.
  • Strong analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Good organizational and time management skills, with the ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team, and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Commitment to academic and professional excellence, and to upholding ethical standards of conduct and independence.


So, you’re looking to post a job opening for a law professor. Finding the right candidate for your academic institution can be a daunting task, but an effective job posting can make a big difference.

Job Title

First, you need to decide on an appropriate job title. A law professor can go by different titles depending on the institution, such as assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor.

Job Description

The job description is the most important part of your job posting. It should provide potential candidates with all the necessary information about the position. Here’s a list of what to include:

  • Teaching responsibilities, including the subjects that the professor will teach.
  • Research expectations, such as publications, conferences, grants, and collaborations within and beyond the institution.
  • Service expectations, such as committees, advising, mentoring, and community engagement.
  • Qualifications, such as a doctorate in law or a related field, teaching experience, publications, and demonstrated excellence in research and service.
  • Salary and benefits, including any specific funding or resources available for research and teaching.
  • Application process, including how to apply, what materials are required, what the timeline is, and who to contact with any questions.

University and Department Information

In addition to the job description, you should also include information about your university and the department of law. This can help potential candidates learn more about your institution and decide if it’s a good match for them. Here are some suggestions:

  • University mission and values, vision, and culture.
  • Department mission, goals, and achievements.
  • Faculty profiles, research areas, and teaching interests.
  • Student demographics, achievements, and opportunities.
  • Location, climate, and quality of life.


Creating a law professor job posting can be challenging, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to attract top talent to your academic institution. By following these guidelines, you can craft a job posting that showcases your department’s unique strengths and helps potential candidates envision a fulfilling career at your university.

Frequently asked questions on creating Law Professor job posting

What are the essential skills and qualifications for a Law Professor?

A Law Professor should possess a Juris Doctor degree, along with any other relevant academic degrees such as a Ph.D. in law, legal studies, or a related field. They must have excellent research and writing skills, the ability to effectively teach students, and exceptional knowledge of the legal system and legal processes. The candidate must have experience practicing law and proficiency in legal research databases.

What information should be included in a Law Professor job posting?

A Law Professor job posting should include the job title, job description, required qualifications, and responsibilities. The posting should also mention the application deadline, salary range, and the location of the position. Details such as the supervisor and the number of hours per week may also be included as needed.

How important is the job description when creating a Law Professor job posting?

The job description is a critical element of any job posting. It can help job seekers understand the responsibilities and scope of the position, and it can help the hiring team filter out unqualified candidates during the screening process. A well-crafted job description can also attract the right candidates who have the appropriate skills and experience needed for the job.

What should be included in the required qualifications section of a Law Professor job posting?

The required qualifications for a Law Professor job posting usually include a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, relevant academic degrees such as a Ph.D. in law or related fields, and experience in teaching law. Other critical qualifications may include research and writing skills, proficiency in legal research databases, and experience practicing law. Soft skills such as excellent communication and organizational skills may also be desired for the job.

How can I make my Law Professor job posting more appealing to candidates?

You can make your Law Professor job posting more appealing by highlighting the benefits of working for the institution, such as opportunities for career growth, competitive benefits, a supportive working environment, flexible work schedule, and research opportunities. You may also want to include information on the city or region where the institution is located, including local culture, entertainment options, and cost of living. Lastly, ensure that your job posting is well-written and easy to read.

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