Leasing Consultant Job Description Template

A leasing consultant is a professional who assists prospective tenants in finding a suitable property, negotiating leases, and addressing any concerns they may have during the leasing process. They are responsible for managing the leasing office, providing information on available apartments or properties, and coordinating with property owners and maintenance staff. Here, we have prepared a leasing consultant job description template that can be customized to fit your company's requirements.

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Job Overview

A leasing consultant is responsible for assisting property managers in finding potential tenants for available units. They facilitate all aspects of the leasing process, including marketing, showing units, screening applicants, and preparing lease agreements.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute marketing strategies to attract potential tenants
  • Show available units to prospective tenants and provide detailed information about the property and its amenities
  • Screen applicants to ensure they meet the qualifications for tenancy
  • Prepare lease agreements and other necessary documentation
  • Provide exceptional customer service to both tenants and property owners
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all leasing activities
  • Resolve any tenant issues or concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible

Requirements and Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent; some college coursework in business or real estate preferred
  • Prior experience as a leasing consultant or similar role preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and other relevant software
  • Familiarity with Fair Housing regulations

Working Conditions

Leasing consultants typically work in an indoor office environment, but also spend a significant amount of time showing units to potential tenants. They may work weekends and evenings in order to accommodate prospective tenants' schedules.


The salary for a leasing consultant varies depending on location, experience, and education level. The average salary is between $30,000 and $45,000 per year.

Job Description

A leasing consultant is an essential member of a property management team whose primary task is to show rental properties to potential tenants and provide them with all necessary information about the property. They must greet prospects warmly and conduct tours of the property to highlight the features and benefits of the property to persuade prospects to sign leases. They are responsible for handling all paperwork involved in a lease transaction, ensuring that lease agreements are signed and payments are processed on time. A leasing consultant is also responsible for answering any questions that a prospect may have about the property, effectively communicating the different leasing options available.

Skills and Qualifications

Successful leasing consultants have excellent interpersonal skills and possess the ability to work with a diverse group of people. They should have at least a high school diploma, experience in sales or customer service, and have a desire to learn more about the rental management industry. A leasing consultant must also be skilled in basic computer applications, including word processing and spreadsheets, and have excellent organizational skills.

Job Responsibilities

As a leasing consultant, your responsibilities include:

  • Show available rental units to prospective tenants, highlighting features and benefits.
  • Ensure any paperwork required for rental transactions is processed efficiently.
  • Answer questions and concerns that potential tenants may have, acting as an on-site representative for the rental property.
  • Assist potential tenant with application and lease agreement process.
  • Provide prospective tenants with accurate and timely rental market data required to make an informed decision about renting.
  • Assist with outreach efforts, including posting of social media and website content, to ensure rental property visibility and reach to potential tenants.

Education and Experience

The education and experience needed for the position of leasing consultant depend on the employer. Most employers require a high school diploma or equivalent, with experience in a similar position, such as in customer service, retail, or sales. Some employers may prefer leasing consultants who have completed coursework in marketing, business management, or real estate. Other qualities and attributes that employers value include excellent communication, sales, and customer service skills.


With this guide, you can craft a comprehensive leasing consultant job posting that attracts the right candidates for the role. By including the necessary qualifications, skills, and job responsibilities for the position, you will be able to find the best possible candidates to join your property management team.

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating a Leasing Consultant Job Posting

Leasing consultants play a crucial role in the real estate industry. They are responsible for leasing properties, managing tenants, and ensuring that leases are in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. With the increasing demand for skilled leasing consultants, it is vital to create an effective job posting that attracts the right candidates. Here are some frequently asked questions on creating a leasing consultant job posting:

What are the essential elements of a leasing consultant job posting?

A leasing consultant job posting should have a clear and concise job title, a comprehensive job description, a list of required qualifications, essential duties and responsibilities, benefits, and salary information. You can also include information about the company culture, the work environment, and any additional perks offered to employees. It is also vital to include the company’s contact details and the application process steps.

How can I make my leasing consultant job posting stand out?

Your job posting should be unique and creative. It should be easily accessible to potential candidates and highlight the company's culture and values. You can use keywords and action verbs to make the job posting sound more engaging and persuasive. It should also offer details on how the candidate's skills and experience will advance their career and benefit the company. Lastly, it should be visually pleasing by using bullet points, relevant images, videos, and infographics.

What qualifications should I look for in a leasing consultant?

A suitable leasing consultant should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, have strong organizational abilities, be detail-oriented, and have a background in real estate, property management, or sales. They should also be able to work in a fast-paced environment, meet sales goals, and have basic computer skills. A bachelor's degree in a relevant field is a plus.

What is an ideal job description for a leasing consultant?

A quality leasing consultant job description should include details about the position, including essential duties and responsibilities. Responsibilities may include showing properties, managing scheduling, closing lease agreements, answering tenant questions and complaints, providing outstanding customer service, and maintaining necessary records. It should also list qualifications, minimum experience levels, and required education levels.

What benefits should I offer to leasing consultant employees?

The right employee benefits package can attract a broader pool of candidates and retain your valuable employees. Your package can include health and dental insurance, paid time off and holidays, retirement plans, employee discounts, and opportunities for professional growth.

What pay range should I offer for a leasing consultant’s salary?

The salary range for leasing consultants varies depending on the region and the company's size. It also depends on the candidate's qualifications, experience, and skill level. The average hourly rate for a leasing consultant is around $16.83, with the salary ranging between $12 to $23 per hour, depending on the location and the company's benefits package.

What should I look for in a leasing consultant’s resume?

When reviewing a leasing consultant's resume, look for relevant work experience, education, and certifications. You should also review their soft skills, communication abilities, customer service, organizational expertise, and any specialized training. The candidate's resume should also show tenure and the ability to work independently.

How long should my job posting be?

Effective leasing consultant job postings should be concise and to the point. A perfect job posting should be between 500 to 800 words in length.

In conclusion, creating a leasing consultant job posting is a crucial process in hiring the right candidates. It is vital to craft job postings that are unique, concise, and engaging while highlighting the company's values, benefits, and salary range. With these tips, you can create a job posting that attracts, retains and motivates employees.

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