Librarian Job Description Template

This Librarian job description template outlines the essential duties and responsibilities of a librarian. Librarians are responsible for managing collections of books and other resources, assisting patrons in research and information gathering, and maintaining library databases and systems. This template can be used by organizations to create job postings for librarian positions.

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Job Summary

The librarian is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the library, including managing the collection, assisting patrons with research and reference, and developing programs to promote literacy and enhance community engagement.


  • Acquire and manage the library's collection of books, periodicals, and other materials
  • Assist patrons with research and reference needs
  • Develop and deliver programming to promote literacy and support community engagement
  • Manage the library's budget and resources
  • Collaborate with other organizations and community groups to enhance library services
  • Maintain and update the library's technology infrastructure
  • Train and supervise library staff and volunteers
  • Stay current on trends in library science and implement best practices


  • Bachelor's degree in library science, information science, or a related field
  • Experience working in a library or similar environment
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to providing excellent customer service
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Proficiency in library management software and other technology tools


Librarian job posting is a great way to reach out to talented individuals who are passionate about books and helping others. To create an effective job posting, you need to keep in mind that your goal is to attract the right candidate with the required skills and experience. Here are some tips to help you create a compelling librarian job posting that will catch the attention of potential applicants.

Job Title and Summary

The job title should be clear and descriptive, indicating that you are looking for a professional librarian. A catchy and memorable title is more likely to attract attention. The summary should provide a brief description of the job, including its responsibilities and qualifications. This is the first section that applicants will read, so be sure to make it compelling.

  • Job title: Professional Librarian
  • Summary: The Professional Librarian will be responsible for managing the library, providing customer service, and assisting patrons in finding resources. The candidate must have a Master's degree in Library Science and previous experience in library management.
  • Responsibilities

    List the duties that the candidate will be responsible for, including those related to library operations, customer service, and other tasks specific to your organization. Be as detailed as possible and provide a clear picture of what the job entails.

  • Managing daily library operations, including circulation, reference, and technical services
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating library programs and services
  • Collaborating with staff to develop policies and procedures
  • Providing excellent customer service to library patrons, including responding to reference questions, providing assistance with library materials, and resolving complaints
  • Maintaining the library's physical and digital collections, including acquiring, cataloging, and shelving materials
  • Qualifications

    List the skills, education, and experience required for the position. Be specific about any licenses or certifications required for the job.

  • Master's degree in Library Science from an ALA-accredited institution
  • Previous experience in library management, including supervisory experience
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of library policies, procedures, and technologies
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and library management software
  • Ability to develop and deliver library programs and services
  • Application Process

    Include information on how to apply for the position, such as where to send the application, what documents to include (such as a cover letter and resume), and any application deadlines. Also, list any other requirements, such as background checks or reference checks.

  • To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to [insert email address or physical address]
  • Applications must be received by [insert deadline]
  • All applicants are subject to a background check and reference check
  • Closing Thoughts

    These tips will help you create an effective librarian job posting that will attract the right candidates for your organization. Be sure to proofread for any errors and put yourself in the mindset of a potential applicant. By creating a detailed and descriptive job posting, you can attract talented individuals who are passionate about library services and helping others.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Librarian Job Posting

    What should be included in the job posting for a librarian position?

  • The job title and summary of the position
  • List of duties and responsibilities
  • Qualifications and requirements for the position
  • Salary range and benefits
  • Instructions on how to apply for the position
  • Information about the organization and its mission
  • It is also a good idea to include any special requirements or qualifications that are specific to the job or the organization.

    How can I make my librarian job posting stand out?

    First, make sure your job posting is clear and concise. Use bullet points to organize the job duties and requirements. Use action verbs and be specific about what skills and experience you are looking for in a candidate.

    Second, highlight what makes your organization unique. Do you offer flexible work hours or career advancement opportunities? Make sure to include this information in the job posting.

    Finally, make the application process as easy as possible. Include clear instructions on how to apply and make sure to respond to all applicants promptly.

    How do I write an effective job description for a librarian?

    Start by identifying the essential duties and responsibilities of the position. Use specific language and avoid vague terms. For example, instead of saying "responsible for managing the library," say "oversees the operation of the library, including managing staff and budgets."

    Next, list the qualifications and experience required for the position. Be specific about the required education, certifications, and experience. If you have specific requirements, such as knowledge of a particular cataloging system or experience with a certain type of library, make sure to include them in the job description.

    Finally, make sure the job description is easy to read and understand. Use bullet points and short paragraphs to break up large blocks of text. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that may be unfamiliar to some candidates.

    How can I attract a diverse pool of candidates for my librarian position?

    Start by using inclusive language in your job posting. Avoid using language that may be biased or exclusionary. Instead of saying "looking for a detail-oriented person," say "seeking someone who pays close attention to detail."

    Next, make sure you are posting the job in a variety of places to reach a diverse pool of candidates. Consider posting the job on job boards that are specifically targeted to women, minorities, or other underrepresented groups.

    You can also reach out to local library schools and associations to promote the position. Consider offering internships or volunteer opportunities to students to build relationships and increase the diversity of your applicant pool.

    What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating a librarian job posting?

  • Using vague or generic language
  • Excluding important details about the position
  • Being unclear about the application process
  • Using biased or exclusionary language
  • Providing an inaccurate salary range
  • Not promoting the unique qualities of your organization
  • Make sure to review your job posting carefully to avoid these and other common mistakes.

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