Managing Editor Job Description Template

The Managing Editor job description template outlines the key responsibilities, duties, and requirements of this important position in both traditional and digital media organizations. As a leading member of the editorial team, the Managing Editor is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of editorial departments and ensuring the production of high-quality content that meets company goals and objectives. This template can be customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of your organization.

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Job Overview:

The Managing Editor will oversee the content creation and editorial teams in order to ensure that high-quality, informative, and engaging content is produced and published across all platforms. This role requires a strong editorial voice, exceptional writing and editing skills, and a deep understanding of audience engagement and growth strategies.


  • Develop and execute a comprehensive editorial strategy that aligns with the company's goals and objectives.
  • Manage and mentor a team of writers, editors, and content creators, providing feedback in order to ensure consistent quality and a unified voice.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, design, and product, to ensure that all content is cohesive and effective.
  • Identify trends and incorporate SEO best practices to increase traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.
  • Ensure that all content is delivered on schedule and within budget.
  • Manage relationships with, and provide direction to, freelance writers and contractors.
  • Track and analyze key performance metrics, providing data-driven recommendations for improvement.


  • Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Communications, or related field.
  • 5+ years of experience in editorial leadership, preferably in a digital media environment.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with an emphasis on clear and concise messaging.
  • Proven ability to manage and motivate a team, driving creativity and innovation.
  • Strong understanding of SEO best practices and content marketing strategies.
  • Excellent project management skills, with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Proficient in content management systems such as WordPress, and familiar with HTML markup language.


When looking to hire a managing editor, crafting the perfect job posting is essential in attracting the best candidates. A well-written posting will clearly outline the responsibilities of the position, the necessary qualifications, and the benefits of the job. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to create a managing editor job posting that will attract the right candidates.

Job Title and Overview

The first step in creating a managing editor job posting is to choose a clear and concise job title. Your job title should reflect the responsibilities of the position and the level of experience required. For example, "Senior Managing Editor" would be a suitable title for a candidate with several years of editing experience.

Next, provide an overview of the position. This should include a brief introduction to your organization and a summary of the role of the managing editor. Use this section to highlight the key responsibilities and expectations of the position.


The responsibilities section should provide an in-depth look at what the managing editor will be expected to handle on a daily basis. This should include any tasks related to managing a team of editors, reviewing and approving content, and ensuring that all content meets the organization's standards.

Use bullet points to make it easy for candidates to understand the scope of the position. Be sure to also include any additional responsibilities that may be unique to your organization.


The qualifications section should outline the experience, education, and skills required to be considered for the role. Be clear about the necessary qualifications, as this will help to weed out unqualified applicants. Be sure to also include any preferred qualifications, such as experience with specific software or a certain level of education.

To make the posting more attractive to candidates, include benefits like a flexible work schedule, opportunities for growth, or a competitive salary.

Application Process

The last section of the job posting should outline the application process. Include instructions on how to apply, what materials to submit (e.g. resume, cover letter, writing samples), and a timeline for the hiring process.

It's also important to include an equal opportunity statement to make it clear that your organization is committed to diversity and inclusion. This will attract a wider pool of candidates and help to ensure that your organization is hiring the best person for the job.


Crafting a managing editor job posting is an essential part of finding the right candidate for the position. By providing a clear overview of the position, outlining the responsibilities and qualifications, and providing a transparent application process, you can attract the best candidates for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Managing Editor Job Posting

Creating a job posting for a Managing Editor position can be quite challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Here are some frequently asked questions that will guide you in creating an effective and detailed job posting that will help you attract the right candidates for the role.

What is a Managing Editor?

A Managing Editor is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of a publication, ensuring that deadlines are met, and the content produced is of high quality. They also manage a team of writers and editors, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards common objectives.

What should I include in a Managing Editor Job Description?

The job description should outline the responsibilities of the Managing Editor's role, including:

  • Supervising and managing a team of writers, editors, and other staff members
  • Overseeing the creation and publication of content across multiple platforms
  • Ensuring articles are accurate, timely, and in line with the publication's guidelines and standards
  • Monitoring the workflow and productivity of the editorial team
  • Collaborating with other departments to ensure quality and consistency of content
  • Staying up to date with industry trends and changes to create innovative content
  • What qualifications and experience should I look for in a Managing Editor?

    When creating a job posting for a Managing Editor, include the essential qualifications that candidates must possess, including:

  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or similar field
  • Experience in managing a team of writers and editors
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Ability to multitask and meet deadlines
  • What is a recommended salary range for a Managing Editor?

    The salary range for a Managing Editor varies depending on the size of the publication and the candidate's level of experience. The compensation package should be competitive and commensurate with the responsibilities and requirements of the position.

    How do I attract the right candidates for a Managing Editor position?

    One of the best ways to attract the right candidates for a Managing Editor position is by creating a compelling job posting that highlights the responsibilities, requirements, and benefits of the role. Additionally, you should promote the job posting through social media platforms, word of mouth, and recruitment agencies.

    What should I include in a Managing Editor Job posting to attract diversity in candidates?

    If you want to attract a diverse range of candidates for a Managing Editor position, consider adding a statement of commitment to diversity and inclusion in the job posting. Also, mentioning that the company values diversity and encourages candidates from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences to apply can make the job posting more attractive to a diverse audience.

    By addressing these frequently asked questions, you can create a job posting that attracts the right candidates for the Managing Editor position, ensuring that your publication runs smoothly and produces top-quality content.

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