Marketing Strategist Job Description Template

The Marketing Strategist is responsible for developing and implementing effective marketing strategies for a company or organization that drive revenue and increase brand awareness. They work closely with the marketing team to identify target audiences, create compelling marketing campaigns, and analyze data to measure the success of their efforts. The Marketing Strategist must possess excellent communication skills, a deep understanding of marketing principles and techniques, and the ability to think creatively to stay ahead of the competition.

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Job Description


  • Develop and implement strategic marketing plans and roadmaps to achieve business objectives.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product development, sales, and customer service, to develop and execute marketing campaigns that drive growth.
  • Identify market trends and opportunities and regularly report on marketing ROI, campaign effectiveness, and competitors.
  • Manage and allocate marketing budgets to meet financial targets and ensure maximum return on investment.
  • Create and oversee the production of high-quality marketing content, including blog posts, white papers, case studies, videos, and social media campaigns.
  • Use data-driven analytics to monitor and optimize campaigns and identify new opportunities for growth.
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technology in digital marketing and apply them to the organization's marketing strategies.


  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field.
  • 3+ years of experience in a strategic marketing role, preferably in the B2B technology industry.
  • Proficient in digital marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, SEO, SEM, and PPC.
  • Strong analytical skills to interpret marketing data and translate them into actionable insights.
  • Excellent communication skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams and provide clear, concise marketing reports to stakeholders.
  • Experience with marketing automation tools and CRM systems.

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What is a Marketing Strategist Job?

A marketing strategist is responsible for creating and implementing strategies that will promote a company's products or services. This job requires a high level of creativity, strategic thinking, and analytical skills. A successful marketing strategist will be able to develop effective campaigns that increase brand awareness and drive sales.

What are the key responsibilities of a Marketing Strategist?

  • Conducting market research to identify trends and opportunities
  • Creating marketing strategies that align with business objectives
  • Coordinating with cross-functional teams, such as sales, product, and design, to execute campaigns
  • Measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and adjusting strategies accordingly
  • Staying up-to-date with industry trends and innovations

How to Create a Marketing Strategist Job Posting?

When creating a job posting for a marketing strategist, it is important to include the following elements:

Job Title and Summary

The job title should clearly indicate the position that you are hiring for. The summary should briefly describe the key responsibilities and qualifications required for the role.

Key Responsibilities

  • List the key responsibilities of the role in bullet points
  • Make sure that they are detailed, specific, and relevant to the position
  • Highlight any particular areas of focus, such as social media or content marketing

Qualifications and Skills

  • List the qualifications and skills required for the role
  • Include both technical and soft skills
  • Be specific about the level of experience required
  • Highlight any certifications or degrees required

Company Culture and Values

It's important to include information about your company culture and values to attract the right candidates for the role. Highlight what makes your company unique and what values you prioritize, such as innovation or teamwork.

Application Process

Include clear instructions on how to apply for the position. This could include an email address to send resumes and cover letters to, or a link to an online application form.


Creating a job posting for a marketing strategist requires careful consideration of the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for the role. By including all of the necessary information in the posting, you can attract the right candidates for your company and find the perfect person to drive your marketing campaigns forward.

What are the essential qualifications for a Marketing Strategist?

A Marketing Strategist typically requires a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business Administration or a related field. In addition, they should have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in a similar field, with a proven track record of successful campaigns. Excellent communication, analytical and creative thinking skills are also a must.

What should be included in the job description for a Marketing Strategist?

A job description for a Marketing Strategist should include the overall responsibilities, such as developing and implementing strategic plans, analyzing market trends and consumer behavior, identifying target audiences, and overseeing creative and promotional activities. Other critical components include expected qualifications, educational requirements, and the preferred level of experience.

How can I attract highly qualified candidates for the position?

One way to attract highly qualified candidates is to highlight the benefits of working for your company. Ensure that your job description outlines the tangible benefits, such as healthcare coverage, 401(k) matching, or opportunities for professional development. Additionally, emphasize the opportunities for growth within the company, including the potential for career advancement and the ability to work on exciting projects with a talented team of professionals.

How can I ensure that my job posting adheres to equal opportunity laws?

To ensure that your job posting complies with equal opportunity laws, it should be free of any discriminatory language, such as age, race, gender, or religion. Additionally, it is essential to include a statement that your company is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate on any basis.

What are some best practices for writing a job posting?

Some best practices for writing a job posting include starting with a strong headline, providing a clear and detailed job description, emphasizing the company's culture, requirements and benefits, including a call to action at the end of the post, and ensuring that the post is free of any errors or typos.

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