Medical Courier Job Description Template

This job description outlines the responsibilities and requirements for a Medical Courier. The Medical Courier is responsible for transporting medical supplies, specimens and equipment between medical facilities and laboratories, adhering to safety and regulatory guidelines. This role requires a high level of attention to detail, the ability to handle and maintain sensitive information, and excellent time management skills.

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Job Summary:

A Medical Courier is responsible for transporting medical items, equipment, and supplies to and from healthcare facilities, laboratories, and medical offices.

Job Duties:

  • Pick up and deliver medical items, equipment, and supplies to and from healthcare facilities, laboratories, and medical offices.
  • Observe all traffic laws, safety regulations, and company policies while operating the courier vehicle.
  • Maintain accurate records of deliveries and pickups, including date, time, location, and recipient or sender’s name.
  • Communicate effectively with customers and coworkers, and promptly report any delivery or pickup issues or delays.
  • Assist with loading and unloading the courier vehicle, and ensure that all medical items, equipment, and supplies are properly secured and protected during transport.
  • Perform routine maintenance on the courier vehicle, including checking fluid levels, tire pressure, brakes, and lights, and reporting any issues to the maintenance department.
  • Follow all infection control and biohazard protocols when transporting medical items, equipment, and supplies.

Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record
  • 1-2 years of experience in a similar role
  • Excellent driving skills and knowledge of traffic laws and safety regulations
  • Good communication skills and ability to work well with others
  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects up to 50 pounds
  • Knowledge of infection control and biohazard protocols
  • Flexibility to work weekends and holidays as needed


Medical courier job posting is a crucial part of the hiring process. A well-crafted job posting can attract the right candidates with the needed skills and experience for the role. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a medical courier job posting.

Job Title and Summary

The job title and summary provide the first impression of the job opening. It is important to create a title that clearly indicates the role and responsibilities of the position. For example, "Medical Courier Driver" or "Medical Courier Associate" can be appropriate titles. The job summary should be brief, highlighting the main duties and requirements for the position.

Key Responsibilities

List the key responsibilities of the medical courier job. This can include:

  • Transporting medical equipment, specimens or documents from one location to another
  • Ensuring accuracy and timely delivery of items
  • Adhering to safety and security guidelines in handling medical materials
  • Communicating effectively with clients and colleagues
  • Include specific responsibilities that are unique to the medical courier job. For example, they may need to ensure the correct temperature for transporting lab samples or stay up to date with regulations related to medical transport.

    Qualifications and Skills

    Provide the qualifications and skills required for the job. This may include:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Valid driver's license and clean driving record
  • Experience in courier or delivery services
  • Knowledge of medical terminology and regulations
  • Physical ability to lift and move heavy items
  • Any additional preferred qualifications or skills can be listed, such as bilingualism or experience in a specific industry.

    Work Environment

    Describe the work environment for the medical courier position. This can include details such as the candidate will be required to work independently and be capable of dealing with traffic and adverse weather conditions. Highlight any safety protocols in place for handling medical materials to ensure candidates are aware of any special considerations for the role.


    Creating a medical courier job posting requires careful thought to ensure it stands out to qualified candidates. Following these steps will help recruiters create an informative and engaging job posting that will attract candidates with the necessary skills and experience for the role.

    FAQs on Creating Medical Courier Job Posting

    1. What are the prerequisites for a medical courier job?

    Employers typically require a high school diploma or GED equivalent, valid driver's license, clean driving record, and a reliable vehicle for transporting medical specimens, records, and supplies. Prior experience in courier or transportation is preferable.

    2. What are the essential skills needed for a medical courier job?

    Medical couriers should have excellent communication skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with healthcare professionals, patients, and colleagues. They should also have strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work well under pressure.

    3. What are the primary responsibilities of a medical courier?

    Medical couriers are responsible for transporting medical supplies, specimens, and records between medical facilities and laboratories. They may be required to handle and transport hazardous materials and ensure that all shipments are delivered on time and in good condition.

    4. What are some of the job duties that should be included in a medical courier job posting?

  • Transporting medical specimens, records, and supplies between medical facilities and laboratories
  • Ensuring all shipments are completed on time and in good condition
  • Adhering to safety procedures for handling and transporting hazardous materials
  • Maintaining accurate records of pickups and deliveries
  • Communicating effectively with healthcare professionals, patients, and colleagues
  • 5. How can I attract qualified candidates to my medical courier job posting?

    Here are some tips:

  • Ensure that the job posting clearly outlines the qualifications and responsibilities of the position
  • Highlight any benefits or perks, such as flexible scheduling or health insurance
  • Mention any opportunities for advancement within the company
  • Include language that will appeal to candidates, such as "fast-paced environment" or "opportunity to make a difference in healthcare"
  • Post the job on relevant job boards or social media platforms to increase visibility
  • 6. What should I include in the job application and interview process?

    In addition to basic information, such as a candidate's name and contact information, you may want to ask questions about their driving record, prior experience in transportation or courier services, and how they handle stressful situations. During the interview process, you should assess the candidate's communication and organizational skills, ability to work under pressure, and how they handle customer service interactions.

    7. How much should I pay a medical courier?

    According to, the average salary for a medical courier is around $39,000 per year. However, this can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and job responsibilities.

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