Morgue Technician Job Description Template

A Morgue Technician plays a critical role in the healthcare and legal industries. This position requires attention to detail and the ability to handle emotionally challenging situations. As a Morgue Technician, you will be responsible for processing and preparing deceased individuals for autopsies, assisting pathologists during examinations, and maintaining accurate records of all procedures. If you have a strong stomach, possess excellent organizational skills, and have a passion for supporting others, then this could be the job for you.

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  • Prepare deceased bodies for autopsy or transfer to funeral home.
  • Clean and sanitize morgue equipment and work areas.
  • Complete documentation and maintain accurate records.
  • Assist pathologists during autopsies.
  • Coordinate with funeral homes or next of kin for body release.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Attention to detail and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience working in a healthcare or mortuary setting.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to handle day-to-day stress of working with deceased individuals.

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects up to 50 pounds.
  • Stand or sit for long periods of time.
  • Wear protective clothing for extended periods of time.


This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee may be required to perform other duties as assigned to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

What is a Morgue Technician?

A Morgue Technician assists in examining and preparing bodies for autopsy or disposition. The role requires a high level of attention to detail and sensitivity to the grieving families.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receiving and processing bodies that come to the morgue
  • Assisting with autopsies, including retrieving and preparing tissue samples and documenting findings
  • Preparing bodies for burial, cremation, or transport
  • Collecting and analyzing trace evidence
  • Maintaining equipment and laboratory cleanliness
  • Providing support to grieving families and law enforcement officials
  • Handling administrative tasks, such as recording data and inputting case details into computer systems
  • Qualifications and Requirements

  • Associate’s degree or certificate in Mortuary Science or similar field
  • Prior experience working in a morgue or funeral home
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to handle stressful situations and remain calm under pressure
  • Experience with laboratory equipment and procedures
  • Knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements related to handling bodies and preparing them for disposition
  • How to Create a Morgue Technician Job Posting

    When creating a job posting for a Morgue Technician, keep in mind the unique demands of the position as well as the qualities that would make an ideal candidate. Here are some tips:

  • Title: State the title of the job and include any specific requirements such as experience or education level. Example: "Morgue Technician - Associate's Degree in Mortuary Science Required."
  • Responsibilities: List the duties and responsibilities that come with the position. Make sure they are clear and concise. Example: "Assist with autopsy procedures including gathering tissue samples and documenting findings."
  • Qualifications: List the professional and personal qualifications required for the position. Example: "Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain confidentiality."
  • Benefits: Mention any benefits of the job such as healthcare, retirement plans, or paid time off. Example: "Full healthcare benefits package available."
  • How to Apply: Provide clear instructions for how candidates should apply for the job. Example: "Send a cover letter and resume to [email address] with 'Morgue Technician Application' in the subject line."
  • When crafting your job posting, remember to be honest and straightforward. Applicants need to understand what is expected of them to ensure a good fit for everyone involved. Good luck in your search for a qualified Morgue Technician!

    FAQs on creating Morgue Technician job posting

    Morgue Technicians play a vital role in the healthcare industry by assisting pathologists and medical examiners in performing autopsies and managing post-mortem processes. If you're planning to hire for this position, you may have questions about creating a job posting that attracts the right candidates. Here are some frequently asked questions:

    What should I include in a Morgue Technician job posting?

    A Morgue Technician job posting should include essential details such as the job title, responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements. The responsibilities should outline the daily duties and job duties that the candidate will perform, such as preparing bodies for autopsies, handling and preserving tissue samples, and ensuring safety protocols. The qualifications should clearly state the mandatory education, certifications or licenses, and previous experience needed for the job. You should also mention any physical requirements of the job, such as being able to lift and move bodies or stand for long periods.

    How do I attract the right candidates for the job?

    To attract the right candidates for the job, you should use clear and concise language in the job posting that accurately describes the job's duties and qualifications. You can also include information about the company, such as its values or mission, to help candidates understand the company culture better. Including salary information is also helpful, as it gives candidates a sense of what the pay range is and what the job entails. Lastly, you can post the job on reputable job boards or online platforms that cater to healthcare professionals to reach a broader pool of candidates.

    What are the essential qualifications for a Morgue Technician?

    The essential qualifications for a Morgue Technician may vary, depending on the employer or state. Generally, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma or equivalent, and some coursework in anatomy, biology, or relevant areas. They must also hold relevant certifications, such as the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) certification in Pathologist's Assistant or Medical Laboratory Science. Previous experience working in a morgue, funeral home, or hospital setting is also preferable.

    What are the physical requirements for a Morgue Technician?

    A Morgue Technician job may involve physically demanding tasks, such as moving heavy bodies or standing for long periods. Candidates should ideally be physically fit, able to lift at least 50 pounds, and stand for several hours at a time. The ability to work in a fast-paced and stressful environment is also essential.

    How can I conduct an effective interview for a Morgue Technician?

    When interviewing candidates for the Morgue Technician position, you should ask questions specific to the job duties and qualifications. For instance, you may want to ask about their experience working with human remains, their understanding of safety protocols and regulations, and their communication skills. You should also ask open-ended questions to understand their work style and how they will fit in with the rest of the team.

    By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Morgue Technician job posting is clear, accurate, and attracts the right candidates for the job.

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