Patient Advocate Job Description Template

The Patient Advocate job description template is a document that outlines the duties and responsibilities of individuals who are appointed to provide assistance and support to patients during their hospital stay or medical treatment. These professionals act as a liaison between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring that patients' needs are met and their rights are respected. The template serves as a guide to assist organizations in finding the right candidate for the position.

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As a Patient Advocate, you will ensure that patients in healthcare facilities receive quality healthcare services. You will be responsible for handling patient grievances, complaints, and feedback. Additionally, Patient Advocates also play a role in educating patients on their rights, medical procedures, and other healthcare-related matters.

Key Responsibilities

  • Listen to patient concerns and complaints.
  • Investigate and resolve complaints in a timely manner.
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers to improve patient care services.
  • Provide guidance, support, and education to patients on their rights, medications, and medical procedures.
  • Keep accurate, detailed records of patient complaints and outcomes.
  • Meet with patients and families to discuss their healthcare concerns and needs.
  • Work with hospital staff to develop and implement patient advocacy programs.
  • Advocate for patients' needs and ensure that their voices are heard.

Required Skills and Qualifications


  • Bachelor's degree in healthcare, social work or related field


  • 2+ years of experience working in healthcare
  • Experience in patient advocacy or a related field is preferred

Other Requirements

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Empathy, compassion, and patience to work with patients and families of diverse backgrounds
  • Knowledge of healthcare laws and regulations


Creating a job posting for a patient advocate requires careful consideration of the skills and qualifications needed for the job. Patient advocates are important members of the healthcare team, working to ensure that patients understand their medical conditions and are receiving the best possible care. In this article, we will outline the steps to create an effective job posting for a patient advocate.

Job Title

The job title should accurately describe the position, while also being clear and concise. A patient advocate may be known by several different titles, such as patient liaison or patient navigator. Choose a title that accurately reflects the responsibilities of the position, while also being easily understandable to job seekers.

Job Description

The job description should be detailed enough to give job seekers a clear understanding of the position, but not so long that it becomes overwhelming. Begin the job description with a general overview of the position, including the role of the patient advocate within the healthcare team.

  • Responsibilities:
  • List the specific responsibilities of the job, such as:

    • Advocating for patients to ensure that they understand their medical conditions and are receiving appropriate care
    • Assisting patients with scheduling medical appointments and procedures
    • Connecting patients with resources and support services
    • Providing emotional support to patients and their families
  • Qualifications:
  • List the required qualifications for the position, such as:

    • A degree in healthcare or a related field
    • Experience working in a healthcare setting
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    • Empathy and compassion for patients and their families
  • Skills:
  • List the skills required for the position, such as:

    • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
    • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
    • Ability to work well under pressure
    • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively

    Application Process

    The job posting should include instructions on how to apply for the position, including any required application materials and submission deadlines. Be sure to include contact information for the hiring manager, and specify whether the position is full-time, part-time, or temporary.


    Creating an effective job posting for a patient advocate requires careful consideration of the responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for the position. By following these steps, you can create a job posting that attracts qualified candidates and helps your healthcare organization provide the best possible care to patients.

    FAQs on Creating a Patient Advocate Job Posting

    If you're looking to hire a patient advocate, it's important to create a job posting that attracts the best candidates. Here are some frequently asked questions on creating a patient advocate job posting:

    What should I include in the job title?

    The job title should clearly state that you're looking for a patient advocate. Some examples include "Patient Advocate," "Healthcare Advocate," and "Patient Liaison."

    What should I include in the job description?

    The job description should include the job title, responsibilities, qualifications, and any other relevant information. Responsibilities may include advocating for patients' rights, educating patients on their options, and working with healthcare providers to improve patient care. Qualifications may include a degree in healthcare or social work, experience in patient advocacy, and excellent communication skills.

    Should I include salary information?

    While it's not necessary to include salary information in the job posting, it can be helpful to attract the right candidates. If you do choose to include salary information, be sure to include a range rather than a specific number.

    What should I include in the application process?

    Include clear instructions on how to submit an application, what materials to include (e.g. resume, cover letter), and any deadlines. You may also want to include information about what the interview process will entail.

    What are some tips for attracting the best candidates?

    Be sure to highlight any unique benefits or perks of the job, such as flexible hours or opportunities for professional development. You may also want to include any award-winning patient advocacy programs or initiatives at your organization.

    How can I ensure a diverse pool of candidates?

    Include language in your job posting that encourages people from diverse backgrounds to apply. You may also want to advertise your job posting in a variety of online and offline venues to reach a wider audience.

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