Patient Sitter Job Description Template

A patient sitter job description outlines the primary responsibilities and qualifications required for individuals who will provide monitoring and assistance to patients in a healthcare facility. These individuals provide physical and emotional support to patients who need additional help due to injury, disability, or illness. This template can help healthcare facilities attract and hire the right candidates for the patient sitter position.

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Position Summary

A Patient Sitter is responsible for ensuring the safety of patients who need constant monitoring.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Stay with patients who require continuous watch and monitor their condition
  • Assist with patient care needs as needed
  • Perform basic patient care tasks such as taking vital signs and bathing
  • Alert nursing staff of any changes in patient condition
  • Document patient behavior and interactions
  • Qualifications

  • Certification as a Patient Sitter preferred
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to work in a fast-paced and stressful environment
  • Ability to follow instructions and work independently as needed
  • Being a patient sitter is not an easy job, but it is a rewarding one. The role requires individuals who are compassionate, patient, and dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients in need.

    What is a Patient Sitter?

    A Patient Sitter is a professional who is responsible for monitoring patients who are unable to take care of themselves. They help in keeping patients safe and secure while providing them with companionship, emotional support, and basic care. Patient Sitters are essential in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

    Job Description of a Patient Sitter

    The job of a Patient Sitter involves performing various duties to help patients stay comfortable and secure. Here is a list of responsibilities:

  • Monitor patients' health and safety daily
  • Assist with routine tasks such as eating, drinking and grooming
  • Keep patients company and engage them in conversation
  • Report changes in patient's physical, emotional, or mental condition to the healthcare team
  • Provide comfort measures to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Requirements of a Patient Sitter

    The requirements for hiring a Patient Sitter may vary depending on the facility. However, some essential skills and qualifications are as follows:

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Patient Care Technician (PCT) certification preferred
  • Previous experience in a healthcare setting or as a caregiver
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and often stressful environment
  • How to Create a Patient Sitter Job Posting

    If you are looking to hire a Patient Sitter, here are some things you need to include in your job posting:

  • A clear job title
  • A brief description of the job duties and responsibilities
  • A list of required qualifications and skills
  • Information about the work schedule and pay rate
  • Instructions on how to apply for the position
  • Be sure to create a job posting that is easy to read and understand. Avoid using jargon or overly technical language that may make the job seem more complicated than it really is. Also, make sure to include your contact information, so potential candidates can reach you with any questions about the job posting.


    If you are looking to hire a Patient Sitter, creating an excellent job posting is essential. By including all the necessary information and presenting it in a clear and concise manner, you can attract more qualified candidates and increase your chances of finding the perfect fit for your facility.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Patient Sitter Job Posting

    • What is a patient sitter?

      A patient sitter is a healthcare professional who is responsible for staying with and monitoring a patient in a hospital or medical facility. This job ensures the patient's safety and comfort by providing necessary support and companionship.

    • What are the core responsibilities of a patient sitter?

      The core responsibilities of a patient sitter include monitoring the patient's vital signs, assisting with daily living activities, providing companionship, and reporting any changes in the patient's condition to medical staff promptly.

    • What qualifications should be required for a patient sitter?

      While there are no specific qualifications required for a patient sitter, candidates should have strong communication skills, patience, empathy, and compassion. Those with prior experience working in a healthcare setting are often preferred.

    • What are the essential elements of a patient sitter job posting?

      The essential elements of a patient sitter job posting should include a clear job title, a detailed job description, the qualifications required, the expected work schedule, compensation and benefits, and application instructions.

    • What should be included in the job description of a patient sitter?

      The job description of a patient sitter should include the core responsibilities, necessary qualifications, experience, educational requirements, work environment, and expectations from the candidate.

    • How should the compensation for a patient sitter be structured?

      The compensation for a patient sitter is typically hourly, but it may vary based on the employer and job responsibilities. It is recommended to conduct market research to determine the competitive hourly wage and benefits for the position.

    • How can I attract high-quality candidates for a patient sitter position?

      To attract high-quality candidates, you should create a comprehensive job posting that clearly defines the job, requirements, expectations, and benefits of the position. You can also post the job on industry-specific job boards or advertise on social media platforms.

    • What are some key interview questions to consider when hiring a patient sitter?

      Some key interview questions to consider when hiring a patient sitter include asking about the candidate's experience working in a healthcare setting, how they handle stressful situations, their communication skills, and their ability to work cooperatively in a team.

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