Pet Sitter Job Description Template

The Pet Sitter job description template outlines the responsibilities and requirements of a person responsible for taking care of pets while their owners are away. A pet sitter may be responsible for feeding, exercising, and playing with pets, as well as administering medication and providing basic grooming. The ideal candidate should have experience working with animals and a genuine love for pets. This template can be customized to suit the specific needs of your pet sitting business.

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Pet Sitter Job Description

A pet sitter is responsible for taking care of pets while their owners are away. This may include feeding, walking, playing with and cleaning up after pets. They may also be responsible for administering medication or taking pets to the vet if necessary. The ideal candidate should have a love for animals and be comfortable with a variety of domestic pets.


  • Feed and water pets according to schedule
  • Exercise and play with pets
  • Clean up after pets, including litter boxes, cages, and outdoor spaces
  • Administer medication as instructed
  • Take pets to the vet if necessary
  • Provide daily updates to pet owners about their pets


  • Love for animals and a willingness to provide the best care possible
  • Experience with a variety of domestic pets
  • Reliable transportation to and from pet owners' homes
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to follow instructions
  • Flexibility in schedule to accommodate pet owners' needs

What is a Pet Sitter?

A pet sitter is someone who takes care of pets in the owner’s absence. They provide food, water, and exercise to the pet and ensure their safety and well-being.

How to create a Pet Sitter job posting?

Creating a job posting is crucial when searching for a pet sitter. It serves as an introduction to the job and can help you attract the right candidates. Follow these steps to create a great job posting.

  1. Start with an attention-grabbing title: The title of your job posting should clearly state the position you are hiring for and be easy to understand. Examples of good titles include “Pet Sitter Needed” or “Part-Time Pet Sitter."
  2. Provide a detailed job description: The job description should include the duties, responsibilities and qualifications required for the role. Mention what type of pets the candidate will be looking after, their expected work schedule, and any necessary qualifications or certifications.
  3. List the required qualifications: Clearly state the qualifications required for the position, such as previous experience in pet sitting, certification in animal CPR, or willingness to work on weekends and holidays.
  4. Mention the salary: Be sure to mention the salary range or hourly rate for the position. This can help weed out unqualified candidates who demand a higher salary or hourly rate.
  5. Include instructions on how to apply: Let candidates know how to apply for the position, what information they need to provide and what the next steps in the hiring process will be. Provide a deadline for application submission and let them know how quickly you are expecting to make a decision.


A well-written job posting is key to attracting and hiring the right pet sitter for the job. It should be detailed and clearly state the expectations and requirements of the position. By following the steps above, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect pet sitter for your furry friend.

FAQs on Creating a Pet Sitter Job Posting

What should I include in my pet sitter job posting?

  • Your expectations and requirements for the job, such as the pet sitter's experience, availability, and duties.
  • The location of the job and whether transportation is required.
  • Compensation and benefits, such as hourly pay or a flat rate, and whether or not you will provide food or other supplies.
  • Instructions on how to apply, including any application materials that you require.
  • How do I write an effective job title?

    Your job title should be brief and descriptive, letting potential candidates know exactly what the job entails. For example, "Experienced Pet Sitter for Afternoon and Evening Shifts" is more effective than "Pet Sitter Needed."

    What information should I include about the pets?

    Be sure to specify the type and number of pets that need care, as well as any special needs or requirements they may have. You should also include information about feeding schedules and any medications that need to be administered.

    What should I look for in a pet sitter's application?

  • Experience caring for pets, especially the types of animals that you need cared for.
  • Availability, including when they can start and how many days per week they are available.
  • References from previous pet owners they have worked for.
  • Any relevant certifications or training, such as pet first aid or obedience training.
  • Should I require a background check for pet sitters?

    While not necessary, requiring a background check can provide peace of mind for you and your pets. You can either require applicants to provide their own background check, or use a service to run a check for you.

    Can I ask for a trial period?

    Yes, you can request a trial period where the pet sitter can demonstrate their skills and compatibility with your pets. Be sure to discuss the trial period and any pay involved beforehand.

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