Pharmaceutical Sales Job Description Template

This Pharmaceutical Sales Job Description Template outlines the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for a successful candidate in the pharmaceutical sales industry. The job involves promoting a company's pharmaceutical products through the building of relationships with healthcare professionals, and requires a combination of sales proficiency and scientific knowledge. This template can be customized to fit the unique requirements and standards of your organization.

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Job Overview

The Pharmaceutical Sales Representative will be responsible for selling and promoting the company’s pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers. They will establish and maintain strong relationships with physicians, pharmacists, and key opinion leaders within the assigned territory.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Pharmaceutical Sales Representative’s responsibilities may include:

  • Developing and executing a territory business plan
  • Meeting or exceeding sales targets and objectives
  • Identifying and targeting key healthcare provider accounts
  • Planning and executing effective product presentations to healthcare providers
  • Providing education and guidance to healthcare providers on relevant health topics and products
  • Monitoring and reporting on competitor activity within the territory
  • Participating in company training programs and initiatives


The ideal candidate for the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative position will possess:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • At least 2 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • An understanding of the healthcare industry and relevant regulations
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • A proven track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets

The candidate must also have a valid driver’s license and the ability to travel within the assigned territory.

If you are a highly motivated individual with a passion for sales and a desire to make a difference in the healthcare industry, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.


Pharmaceutical sales representatives serve as the link between drug manufacturers and healthcare professionals, introducing them to new products and building relationships that drive sales. When crafting a job posting for pharmaceutical sales representatives, you need to provide a clear and comprehensive description of the role, explaining the responsibilities, qualifications and necessary traits required for success. Here are some tips for creating a great job posting for pharmaceutical sales.

Job Title and Overview

Start by creating a job title that accurately represents the position while also capturing the attention of potential applicants. Ensure that your title uses relevant keywords and phrases that job seekers will search for when seeking out these types of opportunities. Your overview should be brief and give candidates a glimpse into what your company does and how the team operates. Highlight any unique offerings, such as training opportunities, professional development programs or strong company culture benefits.


The responsibilities section should provide a clear picture of what the position entails. Be as specific as possible and include both general and role-specific duties. Provide a clear breakdown of daily and weekly tasks, as well as any special projects that the representative will be expected to handle. Use bullet points to break this section down into easily digestible pieces, prioritizing the most important responsibilities towards the top.


The requirements section should list all of the necessary qualifications for the role, separating them by 'requirements' and 'preferred qualifications.' In addition to basic qualifications such as a bachelor's degree and relevant experience, consider other attributes that are essential to success in the role. These can include excellent communication skills, the ability to work independently, experience in managing a sales funnel, and a strong work ethic. Don't forget to indicate any required licenses or certifications, as well as any experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.


Next, list the essential skills a successful candidate must possess to be successful in this role. This could include product knowledge, expertise in customer relationship management (CRM), the ability to conduct effective product demonstrations, and proficiency with relevant software and technology platforms. Don't neglect to mention important soft skills, such as the ability to build rapport with customers, excellent time management skills, and the ability to work effectively within a team.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits are crucial components of any job posting. Mention any base salary range and commission or bonus packages, as well as any additional perks such as health benefits, paid time off, and opportunities for travel or professional development. Be as specific as possible, as candidates will want to know what they can expect from a compensation standpoint should they be hired.

Application Process

The application process should be straightforward and easy to navigate. Provide instructions for submitting resumes, cover letters, and other application materials. Consider using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to help streamline the process for both you and the applicants. Indicate timelines, such as when you hope to complete initial screening and when interviews will be scheduled. Always provide clear contact information so candidates know how to get in touch with you should they have any questions.


A good job posting for pharmaceutical sales representatives should be detailed, clear, and comprehensive. Be sure to include all of the essential job responsibilities and requirements, as well as the core skills that are necessary for success in the role. Make the application process straightforward and easy to navigate, and be sure to mention compensation, benefits, and perks that are available to top-performing team members.

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating Pharmaceutical Sales Job Posting

When creating a job posting for a pharmaceutical sales position, it is important to provide clear and informative details about the job requirements, qualifications, and responsibilities. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you create an effective job posting:

What are the essential skills for a pharmaceutical sales representative?

  • A successful pharmaceutical sales representative should be able to communicate effectively, have excellent presentation skills, and possess knowledge of the medical industry.
  • The ability to build strong relationships with healthcare professionals, manage their time effectively, and demonstrate initiative are also important skills.
  • What qualifications should you look for in a pharmaceutical sales representative?

  • Typically, a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as biology or chemistry, as well as sales or marketing experience are essential qualifications for a pharmaceutical sales representative.
  • It is also important to look for candidates with knowledge of medical terminology and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • What are the primary job responsibilities of a pharmaceutical sales representative?

  • The primary responsibility of a pharmaceutical sales representative is to promote and sell the company's products to healthcare professionals.
  • They may also conduct product presentations and provide training to healthcare professionals, as well as attend conferences and events to promote their products and expand their network.
  • How can you ensure that your job posting stands out?

  • Make sure to include details that highlight the benefits and advantages of the position, such as the opportunity for growth and development, competitive compensation, realistic sales targets, and a supportive team and management.
  • Providing clear and concise information about the specific duties of the position, the products being sold, and the qualifications required can also help your job posting stand out.
  • What should you include in the job description and requirements section?

  • The job description should clearly state the primary responsibilities of the position, the products being sold, and the qualifications required.
  • The requirements section should include educational qualifications, sales or marketing experience, and knowledge of medical terminology and regulations.
  • What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating a job posting for a pharmaceutical sales position?

  • One common mistake is including too much industry jargon or technical terms that may not be easily understood by potential candidates.
  • Avoid overstating or exaggerating the benefits or responsibilities of the position.
  • Be careful not to discriminate against candidates based on age, gender, race, religion, or any other protected characteristic.
  • By following these guidelines and addressing common questions, you can create an effective job posting that attracts qualified and motivated pharmaceutical sales representatives to your company.

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