Practical Nurse Job Description Template

This Practical Nurse job description template is designed to help you attract skilled and qualified professionals to join your healthcare team. Practical Nurses are responsible for providing direct patient care, administering medications, monitoring vital signs, and assisting with daily living activities. With this job description template, you can outline the necessary skills and requirements for the role, along with the benefits and opportunities for growth within your organization. Use this template as a foundation to create an effective job posting that will attract the right candidates to your facility.

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Job Summary

A practical nurse (PN), also known as a licensed practical nurse (LPN), is responsible for administering routine patient care under the direction of a registered nurse (RN) or physician. This role requires a strong sense of empathy, compassion, and professionalism as PNs often work directly with patients and their families, providing emotional support and education about health and wellness.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist patients with their daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, and eating
  • Monitor patients' vital signs and report any changes to the RN or physician
  • Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by the physician or RN
  • Document patient care and progress in medical records
  • Provide emotional support to patients and their families
  • Ensure patients' rooms are clean and well-maintained
  • Assist with medical procedures as needed
  • Follow infection control and safety protocols

Job Requirements

Education and Experience:

  • Completion of a practical nursing program
  • Current LPN license
  • Prior experience in a healthcare setting preferred

Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Empathetic, patient-centered approach to care
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to multitask
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Basic computer skills

If you meet the above qualifications and are looking for a rewarding career in healthcare, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity to become a part of our team.


As a healthcare provider, you want to fill your vacancies with qualified healthcare professionals. One of the key components of this process is creating an effective job posting. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential components of creating a practical nurse job posting that will attract the right candidates.

Job Title and Overview

Start your job posting with a clear and concise job title, along with a brief overview of the role. This should include a brief job description that outlines the role responsibilities, the required qualifications, and any relevant industry experience required.

  • Include a catchy and straightforward job title like "Practical Nurse needed for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit."
  • List the primary duties and responsibilities of the role like, "providing care to patients in PICU, administering medication, and monitoring patient vitals."
  • Mention the required qualifications for the position as well as any necessary licensure/certifications such as CPR and nursing licenses.
  • Specific Requirements

    Add a list of specific skills, experience or requirements that you expect from the candidates you consider for the position. For example:

  • Minimum one-year experience in a surgical/trauma/ emergency unit.
  • Extensive experience providing injections, administering medications, and performing wound care.
  • Ability to quickly identify critical patients and respond accordingly.
  • Perks and Benefits

    Highlight the benefits of the role, including any non-monetary perks, such as career development opportunities, long-term growth prospects, and other incentives that make the job attractive.

  • Mention any health, life or dental insurance, 401k matching, and retirement arrangements provided by the employer.
  • Detail any mentoring, continuing education or paid training programs available to employees.
  • Company Culture

    Elaborate on the culture and personality of your healthcare facility or organization. Highlight the values, mission statements and principles that your employees live by. These can be phrases or sentences that describe the office environment.

  • "Our organization is dedicated to providing quality care to patients, and we strive to deliver compassionate care through evidence-based nursing practice."
  • "We believe in creating a healthy work/life balance for our employees, and we aspire to provide a supportive and caring environment."
  • Application Process

    Clearly outline the application process and required materials. Additionally, include the job's start date, salary, and hours required to work.

  • List the steps and deadline for applying as well as the contact person and phone number.
  • Provide a brief of the application's desirable format, including highlighting relevant experience in resumes or cover letters.
  • Conclusion

    Creating a job posting for practical nurse positions is essential to find and attract the best-suited candidates. By following this guide, you can prepare the perfect job posting that highlights the essential characters of the job and attracts applications from highly qualified individuals.

    FAQs on Creating Practical Nurse Job Postings

    As an employer looking to fill a Practical Nurse position, creating an effective job posting can make all the difference in attracting top-notch candidates. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help guide you in this process:

    What should I include in my job posting?

    Your job posting should include critical information about the position such as job title, job duties and responsibilities, qualifications and requirements, and compensation and benefits package. Additionally, you should highlight what makes your organization stand out, such as the company culture, room for growth, and training and development opportunities.

    How do I write an eye-catching job title?

    Make sure your job title is clear and to the point. Avoid vague or generic titles such as “LPN needed.” Instead, try using specific titles that describe the job function, such as “Practical Nurse – Home Health” or “Licensed Practical Nurse/Administrator.”

    What qualifications and experience should I require?

    Be sure to list the minimum qualifications for the position, such as licensure as a Practical Nurse, experience in the field, education level, and necessary certifications. However, it’s important to also consider qualities such as strong communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work in a team.

    What should I include in the job description?

    Your job description should provide a detailed summary of the job duties and responsibilities. Be thorough but concise, outlining specific tasks, such as taking vital signs, administering medication, and assisting patients with daily activities. Also, be sure to highlight any opportunities for advancing skills and professional development.

    How should I format my job posting?

    Use bullet points and short paragraphs to make your job posting easy to read and visually engaging. Avoid long blocks of text or lengthy sentences, as this can deter potential candidates from reading through the entire posting. Also, be sure to use clear and concise language, avoiding jargon or complicated terms.

    What are some ways to make my posting stand out?

    Consider including images or video to enhance the job posting and clarify expectations. Additionally, emphasize any unique or exceptional benefits and culture, such as flexible scheduling or opportunities for mentoring and career growth. Finally, be sure to proofread the posting for any errors or omissions, as this can impact credibility and reduce interest from qualified candidates.

    Now that you have the answers to these common questions, you’re ready to create a great Practical Nurse job posting. Remember, success in attracting the best candidates comes from crafting a clear, detailed, and engaging ad that communicates your organization’s culture, values, and priorities.

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