Principal Job Description Template

The Principal job description template is a document that outlines the roles and responsibilities of a school principal to help schools find the right candidate for the position. A principal is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the school, managing staff, creating and implementing policies, and coordinating with parents and community members. The Principal job description template can be used as a starting point for schools to customize the job requirements specific to their needs.

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The principal is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a school, ensuring a safe and productive learning environment for all students and staff.


  • Provide leadership and guidance to teachers, staff members, and students
  • Implement and enforce school policies and procedures
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with parents, community members, and stakeholders
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines
  • Create and manage budgets, and allocate resources effectively
  • Lead and participate in professional development opportunities
  • Manage student discipline, and promote positive behavior among students
  • Evaluate and monitor student progress and academic achievement


  • Master's degree in education or related field
  • Experience in school administration, preferably as a principal or assistant principal
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving abilities
  • Knowledge of educational technology and curriculum development
  • Familiarity with state and federal education laws and regulations
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders

The principal plays a critical role in shaping the future of students, staff, and the community.


Hiring a principal can be a daunting task, but creating a job posting for the position should not be. A clear, concise, and effective job posting can help attract qualified candidates and filter out those who do not meet your requirements. Below are some tips on how to create a principal job posting that stands out.

Job Title and Objective

The job title and objective of the posting should clearly outline the position and what you want the principal to achieve. This should be the first thing candidates see, and it should grab their attention. Do not use ambiguous job titles; use titles that are reflective of the job responsibilities.

  • Use a clear and straightforward job title.
  • Specify the objective of the position in the opening paragraph.
  • Responsibilities and Requirements

    The next section should outline the responsibilities and requirements of the principal role. This section should highlight what the candidate must do and what qualifications they must have to excel in this position. Your requirements can include specific qualifications or other attributes that are essential to the role.

  • Highlight responsibilities and requirements separately and clearly.
  • Provide specific qualifications and requirements that are essential for the position.
  • The Experience

    In this section, it is essential to outline the necessary experience required to succeed as a principal. Indicate whether the candidate must have experience in leadership or specific educational areas. You should also emphasize that additional experience may be an asset.

  • Outline educational leadership experience requirements.
  • Emphasize that additional experience may be a benefit.
  • Salary and Benefits

    While you may not want to specify a precise salary figure, it is important to indicate a salary range. You should also highlight the benefits that come with the position, such as health insurance or paid time off.

  • Provide a salary range rather than a specific figure.
  • Highlight any additional benefits that come with the job.
  • Conclusion

    Creating a principal job posting is a critical step in hiring a qualified and competent candidate. A well-written job posting attracts the right candidates and saves you time and resources. While there are other factors to consider, these tips can help you create a posting that stands out from the rest and attracts your ideal principal candidate.

    What should be included in a Principal job posting?

    A Principal job posting should include a job title, job description, qualifications, responsibilities, benefits, and how to apply.

    What qualifications should be listed for a Principal position?

    Qualifications for a Principal position should include an advanced degree in education, prior experience in a leadership role, and a valid teaching license or certification.

    What should the job description for a Principal position entail?

    The job description for a Principal position should cover the duties and roles of the Principal, such as managing staff, developing educational programs, overseeing the budget, and maintaining a safe school environment.

    What are some important responsibilities that should be mentioned in a Principal job posting?

    Important responsibilities for a Principal position include developing and implementing academic programs, maintaining discipline and resolving conflicts, overseeing school finances and budget, and leading staff and faculty.

    What benefits should be listed for a Principal position?

    Benefits for a Principal position may include healthcare, retirement plans, vacation and sick time, and professional development opportunities.

    How can applicants apply for a Principal position?

    The job posting should include information on how to apply for the position, such as submitting a resume, cover letter, and any additional materials required. The application process may also include an interview, background check, and reference checks.

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