Reading Teacher Job Description Template

The Reading Teacher job description template is designed to assist schools and educational institutions in their search for qualified and skilled individuals to take on the role of a Reading Teacher. The template outlines the necessary qualifications, duties and responsibilities that are expected of a Reading Teacher, helping to streamline the recruitment process and attract top candidates for the position. The template is customizable, allowing schools to tailor it based on their specific needs and requirements for the position.

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Job Description

A Reading Teacher is responsible for teaching reading and comprehensive skills to students at elementary, middle, and high school levels. They develop lesson plans, create learning materials, and assess student progress to ensure students meet literacy benchmarks.


  • Develop and implement effective reading instruction for students
  • Create and adapt reading materials and lesson plans to meet the needs of individual students or classes
  • Assess student progress and adjust instruction accordingly
  • Collaborate with other teachers and staff to promote literacy across the curriculum
  • Provide support to students who struggle with reading or have learning disabilities
  • Communicate regularly with parents or guardians to discuss students' progress


  • Bachelor's degree in Education or related field
  • State teaching certification and credentials
  • Experience teaching reading and comprehension at elementary, middle, or high school levels
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Ability to create and adapt engaging lesson plans and materials
  • Familiarity with current literacy research and best practices


A reading teacher plays a vital role in shaping the future of students. Their job involves teaching students how to read, write, and communicate effectively. Hiring a qualified reading teacher is crucial to ensure academic success for students. Therefore, it's essential to create a clear and detailed reading teacher job posting.

Job Summary

  • The job title of the position (Reading Teacher).
  • The location of the job (city and state).
  • A brief summary of the job duties (teaching reading, writing, and communication skills to students).
  • The qualifications required for the position (education degree and experience in teaching reading).
  • Responsibilities and Duties

  • Teach students how to read, write, and communicate effectively.
  • Prepare relevant lesson plans and instructional materials.
  • Assess students' reading and writing skills and provide constructive feedback.
  • Collaborate with other teachers and school administrators to improve student performance.
  • Attend staff meetings and professional development opportunities.
  • Qualifications and Skills

  • A Bachelor's degree in Education or a related field.
  • A valid teaching certificate or license.
  • Experience in teaching reading, preferably with a diverse student population.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other teachers and school administrators.
  • Benefits

    Include any benefits that the school district offers such as health care, retirement plans, or professional development opportunities.

    Application Process

  • Indicate the application deadline.
  • Provide instructions on how to apply for the position.
  • Include any additional requirements such as a cover letter, resume, or letters of recommendation.
  • List the contact information for the school district's human resources department.
  • Conclusion

    Creating a clear and detailed reading teacher job posting is essential to attract qualified candidates. It's important to include the job summary, responsibilities and duties, qualifications and skills, benefits, and the application process. Teachers who are passionate about teaching reading will ensure that students develop strong reading skills and perform well academically.

    FAQs on Creating a Reading Teacher Job Posting

    Creating a job posting for a reading teacher may seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can be easily accomplished. Below are some frequently asked questions about creating a reading teacher job posting:

    • What should be included in the job title?

      Be sure to include the job title and level of expertise required, such as "Elementary Reading Teacher" or "Reading Specialist."

    • What are the key responsibilities that should be mentioned?

      The responsibilities should be specific to the role, such as designing and implementing reading programs, working with individual students or small groups, and monitoring student progress.

    • What qualifications should be listed for the candidate?

      List the necessary qualifications and certifications, such as a bachelor's or master's degree in education, a teaching certificate or license, and experience in teaching reading.

    • How can the posting attract top candidates?

      Include information about the school's mission, culture, and values to attract candidates who share those ideals. Use clear and concise language, highlight unique benefits, and showcase the impact that a successful candidate can make.

    • What should the salary range be?

      Research salary data for similar roles in the area and determine a competitive salary range. Consider other factors, such as experience and qualifications, when setting the salary range.

    • How long should the posting be?

      Keep the posting concise and focused on the most important information. A length of one to two pages is recommended.

    • What is the best format for the posting?

      Stick to a clear, easy-to-read format with headings and bullet points. Use a professional font, avoid cluttered graphics, and proofread for errors before publishing.

    • What should the application process entail?

      List the necessary steps for applying, such as submitting a resume and cover letter, completing an application, or providing references. Be clear about the deadline for applications.

    A well-crafted reading teacher job posting can attract top talent and help a school achieve its goals. By following these guidelines and focusing on the most important details, the posting can effectively communicate the requirements and expectations for the role.

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