Research Administrator Job Description Template

The Research Administrator job description template outlines the essential duties and responsibilities of a research administrator. Research administrators are responsible for managing research projects, ensuring compliance with regulations and policies, and overseeing the financial operations of grants and contracts. This template can be used by organizations to create job postings that accurately reflect the qualifications and expectations for this position.

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Job Overview

A Research Administrator is responsible for managing research funding and ensuring compliance with federal and institutional regulations. They work with faculty and staff to develop grant proposals, manage budgets, and ensure timely submission of reports. The ideal candidate has experience working with grants, contracts, and funding agencies.


  • Develop grant proposals and budgets
  • Ensure compliance with federal and institutional regulations
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff to manage research projects
  • Monitor grant budgets and ensure timely submission of reports
  • Provide guidance on grant policies and procedures
  • Identify new funding opportunities
  • Coordinate grant-related communication and meetings


  • Bachelor's degree in business, finance, or related field
  • Experience working with grants and contracts
  • Knowledge of federal and institutional regulations
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Experience with budget management
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Detail-oriented and able to meet deadlines

Work Environment

A Research Administrator typically works in an office setting on a university or research institution campus. They may be required to attend meetings or conferences outside of normal business hours.


The average salary for a Research Administrator is $60,000 to $80,000 per year, depending on qualifications and experience.

Create an Attractive Research Administrator Job Posting

Looking to hire a skilled and experienced Research Administrator? Writing a compelling job posting is an important step in attracting the right candidate for your organization. Here are some tips to help you draft an effective Research Administrator job posting:

1. Start with a Clear Job Title

The job title should be clear and concise, accurately reflecting the duties and responsibilities of the role. Avoid vague titles like “Research Associate” or “Scientific Coordinator.” Instead, opt for specific titles that accurately convey the nature of the position, such as “Research Administrator” or “Clinical Research Manager.”

2. List the Key Responsibilities

Provide a detailed list of what the Research Administrator will be responsible for. Create a bulleted list item using the

  • tag. This can include tasks such as:

  • Managing research projects and the associated budgets and timelines
  • Creating and submitting grant proposals
  • Facilitating communication between researchers, sponsors, and regulatory agencies
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and institutional policies
  • Providing administrative support for research activities, including data management and coordinating meetings
  • 3. Define the Necessary Skills and Qualifications

    Make sure to specify the educational background, experience, and skills required for the job. Use a

  • tag for specifications such as:

  • A Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as life sciences or business administration
  • At least 3 years of experience in research administration or a related field
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and time-management skills
  • A working knowledge of the regulatory framework for research
  • Familiarity with budget management and database tools
  • 4. Emphasize the Benefits of Working with Your Organization

    Provide information that highlights your organization's values, mission, and culture.

  • Emphasize benefits such as opportunities for professional development, a supportive work environment, and competitive compensation
  • Explain how your organization nurtures the professional growth and well-being of its employees
  • Provide information about your organization's research initiatives and areas of specialization.
  • 5. Encourage Candidate to Apply

    Making it easy for candidates to apply is important. Encourage them to apply by providing clear application instructions and a deadline. Use a

  • tag for the closing sentence.

  • Apply today by submitting a cover letter and resume no later than (insert deadline date) at (insert email address, fax or postal address)
  • Writing a Research Administrator job posting may seem daunting, but by following these tips, you can create an attention-grabbing and effective job listing that will attract top candidates. Remember to emphasize the specific qualifications, benefits, and work environment your organization offers, and be clear about the application process to encourage candidates to apply.

    FAQs on Creating Research Administrator Job Posting

    • What is a research administrator?

      A research administrator is responsible for managing the administrative and financial aspects of research projects in various fields, such as academia, healthcare, and government agencies.

    • What are the necessary skills and qualifications for a research administrator?

      A research administrator should have a degree in business, finance, or a related field. They should have excellent organizational, communication, and analytical skills, as well as experience in grant management, budgeting, and compliance with federal regulations.

    • What should be included in a research administrator job posting?

      A research administrator job posting should specify the required qualifications, responsibilities, and expectations of the role. It should also include information on the organization, the research team, and the compensation and benefits package.

    • How can I attract top candidates for the position?

      You can attract top candidates for the position by highlighting your organization's research portfolio, growth opportunities, and the potential impact of the research projects. You can also offer competitive compensation and benefits, and provide opportunities for professional development and training.

    • Should I include the salary range in the job posting?

      It is recommended to include the salary range in the job posting to set realistic expectations for candidates and avoid wasting time on applicants who may not be interested in the compensation offered.

    • How long should the job posting be?

      The job posting should be concise and informative, ideally no longer than one or two pages. It should provide enough information to attract top candidates while avoiding overwhelming them with unnecessary details.

    • Should I require a cover letter and resume?

      It is recommended to require a cover letter and resume to better understand the candidate's qualifications, experience, and motivation for the position. You can also ask for additional information, such as references, writing samples, or certifications, depending on the requirements of the job.

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