Research Nurse Job Description Template

A research nurse plays a critical role in conducting clinical trials and various scientific research initiatives. The nurse collaborates with physicians, medical researchers, and other healthcare professionals to collect and analyze data for research. The job requires excellent communication skills, knowledge of medical terminology, and strong attention to detail. The research nurse job description template outlines the essential responsibilities and qualifications needed for this position.

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Job Summary:

A Research Nurse is responsible for collaborating with clinical investigators to administer and manage clinical research studies. They play a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of study participants while collecting accurate data in a highly organized and ethical manner.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the design of clinical trials and protocols
  • Recruit, screen, and enroll eligible study participants
  • Obtain informed consent from study participants
  • Perform clinical procedures and collect biological specimens
  • Monitor and document adverse events
  • Manage study data and maintain accurate study records
  • Communicate effectively with study sponsors, clinical investigators, and study participants
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical standards
  • Participate in quality assurance reviews and audits
  • Provide education and support to study participants and their families


  • Registered Nurse (RN) license
  • Minimum of 2 years of clinical nursing experience, preferably in a research setting
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Nursing or related field
  • Certification in Clinical Research (preferred)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to prioritize tasks
  • Knowledge of research regulations and guidelines (e.g., FDA, ICH, GCP)
  • Proficiency in electronic data capture and Microsoft Office

If you are a dedicated and compassionate nurse with a passion for advancing medical knowledge, we encourage you to apply for our Research Nurse position.


Creating a job posting for a research nurse can be a daunting task. Research nurses play a vital role in clinical trials and research studies. They are responsible for patient care and safety, collecting and recording data and adhering to study protocols. Here are some tips for creating an effective job posting to attract experienced and qualified candidates.

Job Title and Description

The job title should be clear and concise. Use "Research Nurse" or "Clinical Research Nurse" as the main title. In the job description, include the key responsibilities, essential qualifications, and desired skills. Mention the type of research work or clinical trial the job is related to. This will give candidates an idea of the environment and workload.

Education and Experience

Specify the required education and experience to qualify for the position. Mention if a Bachelor's or Master's degree in nursing is required. Experience in clinical research or a related field is a plus. Highlight the required certifications such as an RN license, BLS and ACLS. Mention any required or preferred certifications related to clinical research such as CCRC or CCRP.

Skills and Qualifications

List the necessary skills and qualifications for the job such as attention to detail, strong communication skills and knowledge of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. Other skills to consider including are Clinical Trials Management, Patient Recruitment, and Regulatory Compliance. These qualifications will help attract the right candidate for the job.

Job Type and Work Hours

Specify whether the job is full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent. Mention the work hours and location of the job. Clarify if the job requires working evenings, weekends or on-call hours. This helps the candidate know what to expect from the job and the work schedule.

Compensation and Benefits

Mention the salary range and benefits such as healthcare, 401K, and paid time off. Highlight any perks such as tuition reimbursement, flexible scheduling or employee discounts. Offering competitive pay and benefits will make the job posting more attractive to candidates.


When creating a job posting for a research nurse, be clear about the role responsibilities and qualifications. Highlight the essential education, experience, and skills required for the job. Mention the work hours, location and compensation package. It is essential to create an engaging job posting to attract the right candidate for the job.

What should be included in a Research Nurse job posting?

A Research Nurse job posting should include a detailed description of the duties and responsibilities that will be expected of the candidate. This includes introducing the company and outlining the role of the Research Nurse in the organization. It should also detail the qualifications and experience required for the position, including educational requirements, certifications, and necessary skills.

  • What format should the job posting follow?
  • The job posting should be in a format that is easy to read and navigate. It should be broken up into clear sections with headings and bullet points, allowing job seekers to quickly scan and understand the essential details of the role.

  • What essential skills and qualifications should be mentioned in the job posting?
  • Some essential skills and qualifications that should be mentioned in the job posting include a degree in nursing or a relevant field, experience in clinical research, knowledge of Good Clinical Practice guidelines, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills. Experience with electronic medical records, data collection, and analysis software can also be beneficial.

  • How can an employer stand out to potential candidates?
  • An employer can stand out to potential candidates by offering attractive benefits and compensation packages, creating a positive work environment, and offering opportunities for professional development and growth. Employers should also be transparent about their expectations, goals, and company culture, providing job seekers with a clear understanding of what it is like to work for the organization.

  • What are some key considerations when screening applicants?
  • When screening applicants, employers should consider a candidate's qualifications, experience, skills, and suitability for the position. Employers should also review their job application and resume, conduct interviews, and check references to ensure that they are hiring a candidate who is a good fit for the organization and the role.

  • How can an employer ensure that their job posting is inclusive and appeals to a diverse range of candidates?
  • An employer can ensure that their job posting is inclusive and appeals to a diverse range of candidates by using gender-neutral language, avoiding biased language, and being mindful of the requirements that may create unintentional barriers to entry. Employers should also strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that values diversity and promotes equity and inclusion.

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