Sharepoint Developer Job Description Template

The Sharepoint Developer job description template is a ready-to-use document that provides an overview of the required skills and responsibilities for a Sharepoint Developer position. Sharepoint Developers are responsible for designing, developing, and customizing SharePoint sites and applications to meet the needs of the organization. The job description template outlines the key duties, qualifications, and experience required for this role, making it an essential resource for companies looking to hire a Sharepoint Developer.

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Overall Job Description:

We are seeking a skilled SharePoint Developer to join our team to assist in implementing and supporting SharePoint solutions for our clients. This individual will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and supporting SharePoint applications that support clients' business requirements.


  • Develop and maintain SharePoint applications
  • Design and develop custom SharePoint solutions
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather project requirements
  • Provide SharePoint administration and support
  • Develop workflows, forms, and custom web parts
  • Develop and manage content types and metadata
  • Train users on SharePoint functionality and provide technical support


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in developing SharePoint solutions
  • Experience with SharePoint 2013 or later
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Understanding of SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online architectures
  • Experience with SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, and other development tools
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Sharepoint is an essential tool for businesses, and as a result, the demand for Sharepoint developers is constantly increasing. If your company is looking to hire a skilled Sharepoint developer, crafting an effective job posting is critical. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create a Sharepoint Developer job posting that will attract qualified candidates.

1. Start with a Compelling Job Title

The first thing that a candidate will see when scrolling through job listings is the job title. Therefore, it is crucial to make your job title clear, concise, and attention-grabbing. A good practice is to use keywords that are relevant to the position and industry, such as "Sharepoint Developer," "Sharepoint Engineer," or "Sharepoint Analyst."

2. Define the Position Duties

Define the job responsibilities of the Sharepoint Developer role. This should include the essential tasks that the candidate will be responsible for, such as developing, coding, and customizing Sharepoint applications. Additionally, it is useful to include the skills required to perform these duties successfully, such as proficiency in Sharepoint development tools, programming languages, and Microsoft applications.

3. Express Essential Qualifications and Experience

Every Sharepoint Developer job posting should convey the essential qualifications and experience required to succeed in the role. Be sure to include the level of education needed, the required years of experience, and any certifications required. Providing this information will ensure that job seekers have a clear understanding of the qualifications needed before applying.

4. Highlight Any Perks Associated with the Position

It is important to make your job posting stand out from the rest. Highlight any perks associated with the position, such as flexible work schedules, remote work options, or other benefits. This information can attract top candidates and provide them with an excellent incentive to apply and work for your company.

5. Detail the Application Process

The application process is the final step in attracting the right candidates to your company. You can set out the requirements for submitting an application, such as providing a cover letter, resume, and portfolio of past work experience. If you prefer a specific format for submitting a job application, be sure to mention it in the job posting. Finally, provide a deadline to apply so that candidates can submit their applications on time.


Crafting an effective Sharepoint Developer job posting is a critical step to attract the right candidates, generate interest in your company, and save time and resources in the hiring process. Follow these steps to create a job posting that is clear, concise, and compelling, ensuring that you attract skilled and qualified candidates for your Sharepoint Developer role.

What are the necessary details to include in a Sharepoint Developer job posting?

  • A clear and concise job title
  • A description of the essential duties and responsibilities
  • Required skills and qualifications such as education and certifications
  • Any experience required for the position
  • The location and work hours
  • Salary and benefits package offered
  • An overview of the company and its culture
  • How can I attract the best candidates for the job?

    One effective way to attract the best candidates is to highlight the unique features and benefits of working for your company. Emphasize any opportunities for growth or professional development, any meaningful work that candidates will be engaged in, and any other perks that may be offered. Clearly articulating the unique selling points of your company will draw attention to your job posting from top-notch candidates.

    What skills and qualifications should I look for in a Sharepoint Developer?

    When creating a Sharepoint Developer job posting, it is important to include the necessary skills and qualifications. These could include SharePoint, .Net, C#, and other programming languages related to SharePoint. In addition to technical skills, candidates should also possess strong communication, problem-solving, and project management skills. Advanced degrees or certifications related to Sharepoint would be an added advantage.

    How can I screen resumes effectively for Sharepoint Developer positions?

    One effective way to screen resumes for Sharepoint Developer positions is to create a simple checklist of essential qualifications and match these qualifications against resumes received. Look for relevant work experience, education, certifications and technical skills specifically related to Sharepoint. Furthermore, pay attention to specific keywords in resumes that demonstrate experience in programming languages and technologies relevant to SharePoint.

    What is the best way to conduct interviews for Sharepoint Developer positions?

    Conducting structured, behavioral interviews is an effective way to get a sense of a candidate's background, skills, attitude, and aptitude for the job. Consider setting up a comprehensive and standardized interview process for all candidates, which can include asking open-ended questions about a candidate's work experience or projects. Additionally, it can be helpful to have a technical expert on the interviewing team to assess the candidate's technical skills.

    How can I evaluate candidates after the interview process?

    When evaluating candidates after the interview process, consider several factors, such as the candidate's performance during the interview process, qualifications, experience, personality and cultural fit. Consider factors such as the candidate's ability to demonstrate technical skills, assess their communication skills, problem-solving, and project management skills. Additionally, consider how a candidate fits within the company's culture, and whether their personality and values align with those of the company.

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