Ski Patrol Job Description Template

This Ski Patrol job description template is designed to help you attract highly qualified and experienced candidates for your open positions. As a ski patrol officer, your primary responsibility will be ensuring the safety and wellbeing of skiers and snowboarders at your resort. The ideal candidate should have strong communication skills, be physically fit, and have a good understanding of skiing and snowboarding. Use this template as a guide to create a job description that accurately captures the requirements of this important role.

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Ski Patrol Job Description

As a Ski Patrol, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of guests on the slopes. Your primary duties will include:


  • Performing regular safety inspections of the mountain and its equipment
  • Providing first aid and emergency medical care to injured guests
  • Transporting injured guests off the mountain with the use of a toboggan or other equipment
  • Enforcing mountain safety rules and guidelines
  • Assisting with avalanche control measures before, during, and after storms
  • Managing and maintaining inventory of equipment and medical supplies
  • Assisting with lift evacuations when necessary


  • Valid CPR and First Aid certifications
  • Advanced skiing and snowboarding abilities
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to make decisions under pressure and react quickly in emergency situations
  • Willingness to work in outdoor environments and in a variety of weather conditions

If you are passionate about skiing or snowboarding and are dedicated to ensuring the safety of others, then the Ski Patrol position may be a great fit for you.


Ski Patrol is an essential role that ensures the safety of skiers, snowboarders, and other visitors to winter resorts. As such, it is important to create a compelling job posting that attracts qualified and competent candidates. A well-crafted Ski Patrol job posting not only entices potential employees but also clearly outlines the responsibilities and requirements of the role.

Job Title and Summary

The job title and summary should be clear and concise. Use the exact job title and a brief summary of the primary responsibilities of the role. This section should entice qualified candidates to read further while giving an overview of the job.

  • Job Title: Ski Patrol
  • Summary: The Ski Patrol team is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of visitors at our resort.
  • Responsibilities

    List the primary responsibilities of the Ski Patrol role. Make sure to include all necessary tasks that a Ski Patrol will perform while on duty.

  • Monitor and maintain safe skiing and boarding conditions
  • Assist injured individuals as necessary and provide medical aid
  • Maintain and operate equipment such as snowmobiles, first aid kits, and defibrillators
  • Closing and opening the slopes
  • Provide information related to skiing conditions to visitors
  • Enforce resort policies such as lift tickets, equipment rental, and other rules and regulations
  • Requirements

    List the necessary qualifications and skills required for the Ski Patrol position.

  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • First aid and/or medical training (CPR, AED, EMT or equivalent)
  • Valid driver's license and driving record
  • Availability to work nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Experience operating rescue equipment such as snowmobiles and toboggans is a plus
  • Physical fitness and ability to work outdoors in harsh winter conditions
  • Application Process

    Provide comprehensive directions for interested individuals to apply for the Ski Patrol job. This should include steps such as submitting a resume, filling out an application, and/or any other required documentation. Be clear on the deadline for application submissions.

  • Interested individuals should apply through the resort's online employment portal
  • Submit a resume, cover letter, and any other necessary documentation
  • Application deadline: [insert date here]
  • Conclusion

    A well-written Ski Patrol job posting attracts a broad range of potential candidates while effectively communicating the responsibilities, requirements, and expectations of the role. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a successful recruitment process that leads to hiring the best candidate for the position.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Creating a Ski Patrol Job Posting

    If you're looking to hire Ski Patrollers, crafting a great job posting is key to attracting the right candidates. Here are some frequently asked questions and tips to help you create an effective Ski Patrol job posting:

    What should I include in the job title?

    The job title should be clear, concise, and descriptive. It's best to stay away from generic titles, such as "Ski Patroller". Instead, try something like "Experienced Ski Patroller Needed for Busy Resort" or "Full-Time Ski Patroller with Avy Control Experience".

    What skills and qualifications should I include in the job description?

    Be specific about the skills and qualifications you're looking for in a candidate. Generally, Ski Patrollers should have certification in areas such as first aid, CPR, avalanche safety, and rescue. Additionally, it's important to list any physical demands, such as the ability to ski or snowshoe for extended periods of time.

    What should the job duties section include?

    Provide a clear and concise list of job duties that Ski Patrollers will be responsible for. This may include managing safety on the slopes, providing first aid and emergency care, and conducting avalanche control activities. It's also important to mention any specific responsibilities unique to your resort or facility.

    Should I include salary and benefits information in the job posting?

    Including salary and benefits information can help attract more qualified candidates, but it's not always necessary. If you do include this information, be sure to specify whether compensation is hourly or salary-based, and any benefits such as health insurance or paid time off.

    How can I make the job posting stand out?

    To make the job posting stand out, consider adding some elements that showcase your organization's unique culture and work environment. This could include a description of the resort or facility, employee testimonials, or information on any employee perks or benefits.


    Creating a Ski Patrol job posting can be challenging, but by following these tips and answering these frequently asked questions, you'll be on your way to finding the right candidate for the job.

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