Sports Physical Therapist Job Description Template

If you're interested in becoming a Sports Physical Therapist, then you will want to read our job description template. As a Sports Physical Therapist, you will be responsible for helping athletes recover from injuries and return to peak physical condition. This job description will outline the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills needed to succeed in this rewarding career. So whether you're an aspiring Sports Physical Therapist or just curious about the role, this job description template is a great place to start.

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About the Role:

A Sports Physical Therapist works with athletes to improve their physical abilities and prevent injuries. They use various techniques and exercises to promote healing and increase range of motion. They also collaborate with coaches and trainers to create conditioning programs for athletes.


  • Evaluate and diagnose injuries and conditions
  • Create treatment plans and perform therapy sessions
  • Develop and implement injury prevention programs
  • Collaborate with coaches and trainers to create conditioning programs
  • Create progress reports and maintain patient records
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest research and techniques in sports physical therapy


  • Master’s degree in Physical Therapy
  • State licensure as a Physical Therapist
  • Certification as a Sports Physical Therapist preferred
  • Experience working with athletes
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Physical Demands:

The Sports Physical Therapist should be able to stand for long periods of time, lift heavy weights, and demonstrate exercises and techniques to patients. They should also have good hand-eye coordination and be able to work in a variety of environments, such as field and court sidelines.

What is a Sports Physical Therapist?

A Sports Physical Therapist is a healthcare professional that works with athletes to prevent and treat injuries. They help athletes to recover from injuries and surgeries, improve their athletic performance, and maintain their overall wellness. Sports Physical Therapists are also responsible for designing and implementing customized treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each patient.

What are the Requirements to become a Sports Physical Therapist?

Before creating a job posting for a Sports Physical Therapist, it's important to be aware of their qualifications. A licensed Physical Therapist (PT) with additional training in sports medicine is considered to be a Sports Physical Therapist. The PT must have a bachelor's degree in physical therapy from an accredited school and must be licensed to practice in their state. Additional certifications in sports medicine or athletic training are also valuable for this position.

How to Create a Sports Physical Therapist Job Posting

When creating a job posting for a Sports Physical Therapist, it's important to be detailed and specific about the responsibilities and qualifications required. Here are some key elements to include in your job posting:

  • Job Title: Clearly state that you are looking for a Sports Physical Therapist.
  • Job Description: Include a detailed description of the job duties and responsibilities expected of the Sports Physical Therapist.
  • Qualifications: Provide a list of qualifications including education, licensure, and certifications required for the position.
  • Experience: Indicate the amount of experience required to be considered for the position.
  • Skills: List any specific skills required for the position such as the ability to develop customized treatment plans, working knowledge of sports injuries, and excellent communication skills.
  • Physical Demands: Be clear about the physical demands required for the position such as the ability to stand for extended periods, lift heavy equipment, and work in various weather conditions.
  • Salary and Benefits: Clearly state the salary range and any benefits included with the position.
  • How to Apply: Provide instructions on how to apply for the position, including contact information and any documentation required.


Creating a Sports Physical Therapist job posting requires a thorough understanding of the position's responsibilities and qualifications. Be clear and specific in your job description, qualifications, and requirements to attract qualified candidates. It's important to remember that a Sports Physical Therapist plays a key role in the overall athletic performance and wellness of athletes, so finding the right candidate is essential to the success of any sports team or organization.

What qualifications should a Sports Physical Therapist job posting require?

At minimum, a Sports Physical Therapist should possess at least a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy, along with a valid license to practice in their state. Additionally, it is ideal for the candidate to have at least 2-3 years of prior experience working in physical therapy, with a focus on sports. A background in athletic training or sports medicine can be an added bonus.

What responsibilities should the Sports Physical Therapist job posting include?

  • Creating customized treatment plans for athletes
  • Evaluating athletes before and after injury or surgery
  • Providing educational training for athletes to prevent future injuries
  • Collaborating with coaches and trainers to provide comprehensive care for athletes
  • Maintaining detailed and accurate documentation of patient progress and treatment plans
  • What qualities should I look for in a potential Sports Physical Therapist?

    A strong candidate for a Sports Physical Therapist position should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, have a high level of attention to detail, and be able to work well under pressure. They should be motivated, passionate and dedicated to helping athletes recover from injuries and achieve their goals.

    What should I include in the job posting in terms of benefits and compensation?

    It is important to emphasize the competitive salary, benefits packages, and opportunities for growth within the company in the job posting. Benefits to highlight include health insurance, vacation time, sick leave, retirement plans, and continuing education opportunities.

    Should I require certifications in the job posting?

    While it is not a requirement, it is often preferred that a Sports Physical Therapist possess additional certifications or credentials, such as membership in the American Physical Therapy Association or the National Athletic Trainers' Association. These certifications can speak to a candidate's level of dedication to their field and their willingness to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in sports physical therapy.

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