Street Sweeper Job Description Template

The Street Sweeper job description template outlines the responsibilities, qualifications, and skills needed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career as a street sweeper. As a crucial member of the public works department, street sweepers are responsible for ensuring that streets are clean and safe for daily use. This template serves as a guide for employers to create a comprehensive job description for the position and attract qualified candidates who can effectively perform the duties of a street sweeper.

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Job Summary

As a street sweeper, you will perform manual labor activities involving cleaning and sweeping of streets and other public areas. You will work in a team environment, utilize equipment and tools to maintain cleanliness and keep the area safe for public use.


  • Operate street sweeper equipment, hand tools, leaf blowers or other related equipment.
  • Remove debris, trash, and other materials from street surfaces and sidewalks using hand tools such as brooms or shovels.
  • Empty trash receptacles and garbage cans located in public areas such as parks or sidewalks.
  • Notify supervisors of any equipment malfunctions, needed repairs or if the area requires additional attention.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned like snow removal, painting projects or special event set up/clean up.


  • Ability to follow oral instructions and perform routine manual labor activities.
  • Physical ability to perform assigned work involving constant walking, standing, and bending or kneeling for extended periods of time.
  • Willingness to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions.
  • Must possess a valid driver's license.
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with other team members and/or the public.

Education and Experience

  • A high school diploma or GED is preferred but not required.
  • Prior experience in street sweeping or general labor is a plus.
  • On-the-job training will be provided.


As a hiring manager or employer, it is important to create the right job posting that will attract the right candidates for your open Street Sweeper position. To ensure that you are able to hire someone who is skilled, reliable and has the right qualifications for the job, you will need to create a well-structured and comprehensive job posting. This article will outline the steps you need to follow to create an effective job posting for this role.

Job Title and Summary

Your job title and summary should be clear and concise, making it easy for potential candidates to identify the role and its requirements. Use specific language that highlights the responsibilities and expectations of the job, such as "Street Sweeper - Required: Experience operating street sweeping equipment, valid driver's license, and ability to work independently."

Job Description

Your job description should provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the duties, responsibilities, and expectations of the role. Use bullet points to highlight specific responsibilities, such as sweeping streets, operating street cleaning equipment, performing basic maintenance on equipment, and working independently. Also, include secondary responsibilities such as providing general upkeep of streets and public areas, and engaging with the public in a professional manner.

Qualifications and Requirements

Include a list of specific qualifications and requirements for the Street Sweeper position. This may include experience operating street cleaning equipment, the ability to lift heavy equipment, a valid driver's licence, and the ability to work independently. Additionally, list any desired qualifications for candidates such as previous experience in supervising a team, a strong work ethic or a background in customer service.

Skills and Competencies

Highlight the necessary skills and competencies a candidate would need to be successful as a Street Sweeper. This may include strong attention to detail, strong communication skills, the ability to work efficiently under time constraints and the ability to work well as part of a team as well as independently.

Company Culture and Values

Be sure to highlight your company culture and values within the job posting. Consider what type of candidates would be a good fit for your organization and ensure that the tone of the job posting reflects the company's values and culture.


Creating an effective job posting is crucial to attracting the right candidates for your Street Sweeper position. By following these steps, you can create a comprehensive, clear, and concise job listing that showcases your expectations and requirements for the role. Keep in mind that candidates are looking for relevant information that will help them understand the job and the company, so ensure your job posting is understandable, transparent and intriguing.

What should I include in a Street Sweeper job posting?

When creating a job posting for a Street Sweeper position, it is important to include the job title and its main duties. You should also provide information about the schedule, working conditions, required qualifications, necessary experience, and the salary range.

How can I make my job posting stand out from others?

To make your Street Sweeper job posting stand out, consider highlighting the unique aspects of your company or organization. You should also focus on the benefits of working for your organization, such as competitive pay or a supportive work culture.

What qualifications should I look for in a Street Sweeper?

When hiring a Street Sweeper, you should look for candidates who are physically fit and have a strong attention to detail. Experience with cleaning and maintenance work is also helpful, as is the ability to operate equipment such as brooms and sweepers.

What should I expect in terms of salary range for a Street Sweeper?

The salary range for a Street Sweeper can vary depending on location and experience. However, the average salary for a Street Sweeper is typically between $25,000 and $35,000 per year.

What benefits should I offer to Street Sweeper employees?

Benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans are commonly offered to Street Sweeper employees. You may also consider offering additional benefits such as wellness programs or education reimbursements to attract and retain top talent.

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