Sustainability Coordinator Job Description Template

The Sustainability Coordinator plays a vital role in supporting organizations to reduce their environmental impact, promote sustainable practices, and advance social responsibility initiatives. In this job, the coordinator implements strategies and initiatives that will ensure the organization meets its sustainability goals. This job requires knowledge of environmental regulations and the ability to communicate and engage with stakeholders in developing sustainability programs. This job description template outlines the key responsibilities and qualifications required for a Sustainability Coordinator role.

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  • Develop, implement and maintain sustainability strategies, policies and programs that promote environmental stewardship, social responsibility and sustainable economic development
  • Conduct sustainability assessments and audits to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for cost savings
  • Manage sustainability data collection, reporting and analysis to measure progress and report to stakeholders
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate sustainable practices into business operations and decision-making processes
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, industry associations and community groups to build partnerships and leverage resources
  • Develop and deliver sustainability training to employees and stakeholders to enhance awareness and engagement
  • Remain up-to-date with emerging sustainability trends, technologies and regulations to inform decision-making and anticipate risks and opportunities


Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, Sustainability, Business, or related field
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in sustainability or related field
  • Experience developing and implementing sustainability programs and initiatives

Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong knowledge of sustainability concepts, practices and regulations
  • Excellent analytical, research and problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to build relationships with diverse stakeholders and communicate complex sustainability concepts to a range of audiences
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to lead cross-functional teams, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines
  • Proficiency in sustainability reporting and data management tools
  • Commitment to continuous learning and personal and professional development in sustainability


Creating a job posting for a Sustainability Coordinator is a unique task that requires not only an understanding of the qualifications required for the position, but also the overall values and goals of the organization.

Job Description

The job description for a Sustainability Coordinator should outline the primary responsibilities of the role. This may include developing, implementing, and monitoring sustainability initiatives, educating staff and stakeholders on sustainable practices, and analyzing data to track progress towards sustainability goals.

Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Developing and overseeing sustainability initiatives across the organization
  • Tracking and analyzing data related to sustainability efforts
  • Providing educational resources and training to staff and stakeholders on sustainable practices
  • Collaborating with other departments and stakeholders to implement sustainable strategies and initiatives
  • Communicating progress towards sustainability goals to internal and external stakeholders


The qualifications for a Sustainability Coordinator should reflect the unique values and goals of the organization. Typically, candidates should have a degree in a relevant field such as sustainability, environmental sciences, or business administration. Additionally, the ideal candidate may have experience working on sustainability initiatives in a corporate or nonprofit setting.

Specific qualifications may include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Experience in developing and implementing sustainability initiatives in a corporate or nonprofit setting
  • Knowledge of current sustainability trends and best practices
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to track and analyze data
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

Additional Considerations

When creating a job posting for a Sustainability Coordinator, it is important to consider the overall goals and values of the organization. Applicants should be passionate about sustainability and willing to work collaboratively with other departments and stakeholders.

It may also be helpful to include information about the organization’s sustainability goals and initiatives in the job posting. This will help attract candidates who share the organization’s values and are excited about the opportunity to make a positive impact.


Creating a job posting for a Sustainability Coordinator requires careful consideration of the qualifications and values of the organization. By outlining specific responsibilities, qualifications, and goals, organizations can attract passionate candidates who are committed to making a positive impact through sustainable practices.

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating a Sustainability Coordinator Job Posting

If your company is looking for a Sustainability Coordinator, it is important to create a job posting that attracts the right candidates. Here are some common questions that may arise when creating a Sustainability Coordinator job posting:

  • What qualifications should a Sustainability Coordinator have?

    Generally, a Sustainability Coordinator should have a Bachelor's degree in sustainability, environmental science, or a related field. They should also have experience in sustainability, environmental compliance, project management, and data analysis. Strong communication and collaboration skills are also important for this role.

  • What are the responsibilities of a Sustainability Coordinator?

    The primary responsibility of a Sustainability Coordinator is to ensure the organization's sustainable practices meet legal and regulatory requirements. This includes creating and implementing sustainability strategies, tracking and reporting on sustainability metrics, developing and maintaining partnerships with suppliers, and educating employees on sustainability practices.

  • What should the job description include?

    A job description for a Sustainability Coordinator should include an overview of the position and its responsibilities. It should also list necessary qualifications and experience required for the role. The job description should highlight the company's commitment to sustainability and any sustainability initiatives they are working on. Lastly, include details about compensation and benefits provided for this role.

  • How can I make the job posting more attractive to candidates?

    Include details about growth opportunities and advancement within the company. Highlight the company's commitment to sustainable practices and the positive impact a Sustainability Coordinator will have on the company's overall sustainability goals. Lastly, make sure the job posting clearly communicates the importance and impact of the role.

  • What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating a job posting?

    Avoid using generic language and instead, use descriptive words to accurately depict the role and responsibilities of the Sustainability Coordinator. Be sure to proofread the posting for errors and ensure it's formatted in a readable and easy-to-understand manner. Lastly, make sure the qualifications and responsibilities listed in the job posting align with the expectations and needs of the company.

By creating a detailed and informative job posting, you can attract qualified candidates who share your company's commitment to sustainability.

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