Teller Job Description Template

A Teller is responsible for performing various financial transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, issuing checks, and solving customer inquiries. They are expected to provide excellent customer service, maintain a neat and orderly work environment, and comply with all banking regulations. This Teller job description template outlines the duties and requirements of the role to help you attract the ideal candidate for your organization.

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Job Description

Role Overview

A Teller is responsible for processing transaction requests and providing excellent customer service. The role involves handling cash and non-cash transactions, balancing the cash drawers, and educating customers on bank products and services.

Key Responsibilities

  • Process cash and non-cash transactions accurately and efficiently
  • Balance the cash drawers at the end of each shift
  • Educate customers on bank products and services to meet their financial needs
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area
  • Adhere to all security and compliance procedures
  • Resolve customer complaints and escalate issues as needed

Qualifications and Skills

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Prior cash handling experience preferred
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Basic computer skills

Working Conditions

The Teller role involves working in a bank branch environment and may require standing or sitting for extended periods, as well as lifting heavy bags of coins or currency.

1. Determine the requirements for the Teller job posting.

Before creating a job posting for a Teller position, it is important to determine the necessary qualifications and requirements for the role. Consider the level of education and experience required, as well as any special skills or certifications necessary to excel in the role. Some standard requirements for a Teller position may include:

  • - A high school diploma or equivalent
  • - Prior experience in a customer service or cash handling role
  • - Familiarity with banking software and technology
  • - Strong communication and organizational skills
  • 2. Craft a compelling job title and summary.

    The job title and summary of the posting should be engaging and accurately describe the position. A clear and concise job title can help attract the right candidates. For example, you could use “Bank Teller” or “Customer Service Representative – Teller” as a job title. The summary should provide a brief overview of the position and responsibilities.

    3. Outline the responsibilities and duties of the Teller.

    The body of the job posting should detail the specific responsibilities and duties for the Teller position. This section can help give candidates a clear understanding of what the role entails. Some duties might include:

  • - Greeting customers and assisting with basic banking transactions
  • - Processing deposits, withdrawals, and loan payments
  • - Balancing a cash drawer and reconciling discrepancies
  • - Promoting bank products and services to customers
  • 4. List the necessary skills and qualifications.

    The qualifications section should provide a list of skills and abilities necessary to perform the Teller job successfully. These qualifications should align with the requirements determined in step 1. For example:

  • - Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • - Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • - Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • - Experience with Microsoft Office or other banking software
  • 5. Include information about compensation and benefits.

    Candidates will be interested in the compensation and benefits available for the Teller position. Be sure to include information on the pay range, any employee benefits, and any opportunities for advancement within the company.

    6. Provide instructions on how to apply.

    It is important to include clear instructions on how to apply for the Teller position. Include details such as the preferred method of submission, any necessary application materials, and a deadline for applications.

    7. Review and edit the job posting.

    Before publishing the job posting, be sure to review and edit the content to ensure it is accurate and error-free. Make sure that the job requirements and qualifications are specific and clear to ensure that you attract top candidates for the role.


    Crafting an effective Teller job posting can help you attract the right candidates for the position. Keep your language clear, specific, and engaging to help catch the attention of potential applicants. By following these steps, you can create a job posting that accurately represents your company and the Teller position while attracting the best candidates for the role.

    Why should I create a Teller job posting?

    Creating a Teller job posting is important for any business that has a need for individuals to handle the management of cash and financial transactions. It is also essential for companies that have customers coming in and out of their locations all day as Tellers offer a face-to-face service that can quickly address customer's needs.

    What should I include in my Teller job posting?

    Your Teller job posting must include essential details such as job title, work hours, required qualifications, job description, and working conditions. Other relevant details that you can add to your job posting include details on the expected pay range, benefits and perks, company culture and work-environment, and expected start date.

    What qualifications should a Teller have?

    To be considered for a Teller job posting, candidates should possess basic qualifications such as a high school diploma, excellent customer service skills, basic computer proficiency, and numerical competencies. Other critical qualifications that you may look out for include cash handling experience, conflict resolution skills, multitasking abilities, out-of-the-box thinking, and organizational tactics.

    How can I attract quality candidates for my Teller job posting?

    You may attract quality candidates for your Teller job posting by posting it on high-traffic job boards, including the essential job details, and posting attractive images of your company's work environment. Additionally, you may offer incentives and bonuses to individuals who refer qualified candidates to your job posting.

    What are the expected salaries for Tellers?

    The average hourly rate for Tellers ranges from $11.00 to $18.00 in the United States, while the average annual salary is around $25,000 to $41,000, depending on the job location, company size, and hiring seniority.

    What are the duties of Tellers?

    The critical duties of Tellers include managing cash, accepting deposits, processing bank transactions, balancing cash drawers, providing excellent customer service, asking sales questions, analyzing customer needs, resolving complaints, and complying with all financial regulations, policies, and procedures.

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