Transcriber Job Description Template

The Transcriber job description template is a guide for recruiters and hiring managers looking to hire professionals to work in transcription roles across different industries. The template outlines the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for the job, as well as the duties of the transcriber to ensure accurate and timely transcription. Use this template as a starting point to build your own job description and attract qualified candidates to your organization.

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Job Description:

As a Transcriber, you will be responsible for converting audio recordings into written documents. You will listen to recordings of meetings, interviews, focus groups, or legal proceedings and transcribe them verbatim. Your job is to document what was said accurately without changing the meaning of the conversation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Listen to audio recordings and transcribe them into written documents
  • Ensure that the transcribed document accurately reflects what was said
  • Identify different speakers and distinguish between them in the transcription
  • Include relevant information such as background noise, laughter, and interruptions
  • Edit and revise transcripts as necessary
  • Meet deadlines and work efficiently to ensure timely delivery of transcripts
  • Ensure confidentiality of all sensitive information
  • Collaborate with team members and managers to ensure high-quality transcripts and customer satisfaction


  • Excellent listening and comprehension skills
  • Ability to type quickly and accurately
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to stay focused for extended periods
  • Prior experience in transcription or a related field is preferred
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and other transcription software
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


If you're looking for a transcriber, crafting a concise and clear job posting can help you attract the right candidates. This article outlines how to create a transcriber job posting that stands out from the crowd and draws the best applicants.

Job Description

The job description should be accurate and detailed. Begin with the job title, then provide a brief overview of the company and the role. Clearly specify the responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications necessary for the position. Highlight your desired candidates’ ability to transcribe a variety of files, such as audio or video recordings. Specify the industry terminology or subject areas you require experience in to ensure that the candidates have the relevant knowledge base. Mention the degree of skill required in software, tools, and equipment use, as the candidate may need to download at-home software or have access to required equipment. Finally, list any necessary qualifications, such as typing speed or completion of a transcription course.

Offered Compensation

The job posting should list the offered compensation, whether it is hourly or agreed upon upon completion of a job. Make sure to emphasize the competitive pay rate and any additional benefits or opportunities that exist in the role, such as the ability to work from home.

Application Process

Outline the application process and any related deadlines. This section should include instructions for submitting resumes, links to portfolios or examples of work, and whether there will be a phone screen, test file, or interview. Mention the expected time frame for the hiring process and when the applicant should hear back from the company.

Company Culture and Values

Include a brief description of the company culture and values, emphasizing what sets the company apart, to give candidates a sense of the workplace they may be entering. Mention the work environment, team size, and any opportunities for learning and development, such as training or workshops.


Creating a transcriber job posting can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge, it can be easily accomplished. By providing an accurate and detailed description of the role and responsibilities, highlighting the compensation and benefits, outlining the application process, and emphasizing the company culture and values, you can attract the most qualified and enthusiastic candidates.

What is a Transcriber?

A transcriber is an individual who listens to audio or video recordings and produces a written document of the spoken content. Transcriber job postings are needed for various industries ranging from healthcare, legal, media, and academic.

What are the qualifications for a Transcriber?

  • Excellent listening and comprehension skills
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Ability to type quickly and accurately
  • Familiarity with transcription software or tools
  • Experience in the industry (if applicable)
  • What are the responsibilities of a Transcriber?

    A Transcriber is responsible for:

  • Listening to audio or video recordings
  • Transcribing the spoken content into a written document
  • Formatting and editing the transcription for accuracy and readability
  • Submitting completed transcriptions within a given deadline
  • How do I write a Transcriber job posting?

    When writing a Transcriber job posting, be sure to include:

  • Job title, location, and brief company description
  • Specific qualifications and requirements needed for the job
  • A description of the responsibilities involved
  • Clear instructions on how to apply for the job
  • What should I look for in a candidate?

    When reviewing applicants, look for individuals who:

  • Have the necessary qualifications and experience
  • Are able to meet the given deadlines
  • Can work efficiently and accurately
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Should I offer training for the Transcriber position?

    It is recommended to offer training for the Transcriber position, especially if there are specific software or tools being used. Providing training will ensure that the Transcriber is familiar with the company's expectations and procedures.

    How much should I pay a Transcriber?

    The hourly rate for Transcribers can vary depending on the industry, experience level, and location. It is recommended to research the market rate for Transcribers in your area.

    What are some common challenges in hiring a Transcriber?

    Some common challenges may include finding high-quality and reliable Transcribers, ensuring that they are able to meet the given deadlines, and providing clear instructions and expectations for the position.

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