Marketing and advertising in HR - features and benefits

28 May 2021

Replacing vacancies with qualified professionals is of fundamental importance for any company or enterprise. A knowledgeable, experienced specialist will bring tremendous benefits. However, it is necessary to properly attract such a specialist so that he responded to a bargaining chip. Moreover, it is often necessary to attract specialists who work for competitors.

For such attraction, marketing is used in the selection of personnel. At the same time, advertising in the field of HR is a very specific tool. This is aimed at creating a positive image, offering a vacancy for a client, attracting the right employees and weeding out those who are not suitable. For maximum search effectiveness, you should use a marketing approach. Tone will enable you to significantly reduce search time as well as costs.

What are the advantages of marketing in recruiting

As stated above, this approach makes the search for employees more efficient. For a better understanding, the main advantages and features of the presented approach should be considered in more detail:

This approach is, among other things, in the use of targeted advertising. This means that marketers customers initially create an offer targeted at a narrow circle of people who are ideal for a particular job. This allows you to initially exclude from the process everyone who is not suitable for any reason. At the same time, social networks are widely used to search for applicants. At the same time, thanks to targeting, the search is carried out even in small closed communities. This allows you to reach the entire target audience and convey the job offer to everyone who meets its conditions;
This method will be cost-effective and highly effective. So, the cost is calculated based on the number of clicks on the link. At the same time, posts about the search for employees are not regarded as advertising. Accordingly, the cost will be low;
The marketing approach makes it possible to find even those professionals who do not publish their resume on job search sites. Full coverage of all potentially eligible specialists makes the quality of the candidate funnel very high.
Thus, the marketing approach makes finding job seekers more affordable and efficient. At the same time, it is versatile and ideal for finding specialists in any field.

Features of job search advertisements

Recruitment marketing works just like it does in any other field. Only in this case the corresponding vacancy is perceived as a product, which needs to be “sold”.

Therefore, this advertising in HR starts with the creation of a landing page. Moreover, it must meet several conditions. For example, a phrase that can hook the applicant, motivate him to view the entire offer is extremely important. For example, such a phrase should indicate an opportunity to make a career or make a lot of money. So, as an example, we can give the phrase - "vacancy for those who are ready to earn more now."

The text of the appeal to the applicant can be presented in the form of video or direct text. At the same time, it must be presented in the first person, that is, from the head of the company offering the vacancy. This will create the effect of direct appeal to the applicant.

Be sure to briefly indicate the benefits of the company. For example, you can do this by posting on the page a few reviews of its employees or customers, describing the main principles and mission.

In addition, it is very important to make the correct candidate response form. It is recommended that this form contain fields with a name, email address, phone number, and a brief description of the successes. Achievements and experience of the applicant.

Thus, targeting is the optimal marketing strategy for finding specialists. It makes it possible to minimize the target audience, which makes advertising as effective as possible. For example, it focuses on closed communities with no more than 500 members, and selects applicants by education. Searches the media and so on.

As a result, the widest coverage is achieved, but without delivering the proposal to people who obviously do not correspond to it. The presented high efficiency of marketing in recruiting is combined with low costs. This combination makes advertising in HR the best tool for finding certain specialists.

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