Recruiting Automation

28 May 2021

In recent years, the recruiting process has been changing and developing. The global pandemic and the conditions dictated by it have become a strong driver for the implementation of changes. However, the development of the recruitment segment began a long time ago and it is associated with the progress of computer technology. They allowed the introduction of artificial intelligence into the recruiting process.

As a result, the term was formed - the automation of the selection of personnel. This technology makes it possible to automate tasks and processes of search and recruitment of personnel. It also allows you to reduce the time spent searching for vacancies and improve the performance of the recruiter. In turn, this leads to a decrease in the time and resources spent on reviewing the resume.

You can automate almost the entire recruitment process: publishing vacancies, searching and viewing resumes, selecting candidates according to the specified parameters. Automation systems for recruitment are also gradually being introduced, with the help of which audio and video interviews are conducted.

Benefits of automated recruiting

Adaptability. Automated processes can be applied and adapted to any company, specialization.
Integration. All processes are integrated into the company's infrastructure, automation deeply affects all processes in HR.
Accelerated job search. HRM systems allow you to collect a list of possible and suitable candidates on the Internet in a few seconds. It is enough to set the search parameters once, and not visit each individual site and view the resume.
Reduced processing time. Information from all resumes you are viewing - name, phone number, mail, etc. - automatically entered into the databases.
Lack of human factor. Various prejudices and personal motives regarding candidates are excluded.
Instant job posting. Automated systems make it possible to publish vacancies as quickly as possible.
Remote recruiting. All recruiting work can be done remotely using online tests. As a result, the recruiter receives a ready-made collection of data, consolidated in one place.
Transparent recruiting process.
Using the latest technologies and recruiting techniques.
Despite its many advantages, recruiting automation has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage stems from the main advantage - the lack of live communication and interaction. Some candidates may take this as invaluable and refuse to take part in it. The older generation, which has not yet fully mastered modern technology, may also be left behind. As a result, the employer will be left without the most experienced and important candidates.

What to look for when choosing a service?

All programs present on the Russian market can be conditionally divided into groups: online and stationary. They are also divided into professional ones, which are used by agencies and simplified ones, for other organizations. In general, when choosing a suitable system, it is enough to ask 3 questions: the ability of the program, the benefit to the organization and the cost.

You can highlight the main points that you need to have high-quality software:

  • To carry out routine actions: to bring the resume to a single platform, sort the resume and filter out duplicate profiles.
  • Store a large amount of information by various methods - on a server or in the cloud.
  • Quickly search for suitable resumes according to the specified characteristics.
  • Summarize statistics based on the specified parameters.
  • Analyze the recruitment funnel.
  • Be flexible depending on the requirements of the company and business processes.
  • Acceptable price.


The main goal of automated recruiting is to reduce the consumption of time and resources during the execution of daily processes. It also improves the productivity of recruiting. However, the need for people will still remain, since it is necessary to control information and algorithms of software systems.

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